Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sugar-n-Cream Sweetheart

Hi Knitters,
First off, Robbie Washburn from Brodnax I got your order this morning and I have tried to send you the pattern about a half dozen times and I keep getting it back. Your email address isn't working. Could you please send me another email I can send the pattern to, please? Or get in touch to figure something else out? Thanks and I hope you read this. I remember you: ) You won one of my giveaways last summer.

Okay, so I have been getting a lot of email about a lot of sweethearts. One question I have been getting is if I have any recommendations for other yarn to use instead of the cotton chenille. I think any cotton with about the same gauge (4 sts per inch) would work just fine. I was lucky enough to get this email  and photo from Peggy today with a great example of a sweetheart done in an alternative yarn.

Peggy used Sugar-n-Cream in Pink Stripes to knit her Sweetheart Washcloth and it looks fantastic. I looked up Sugar-n-Cream and it looks like it is going for about $2.00 a ball at Joann's. Peggy said she thinks she can get two Sweethearts out of one ball. That's about a dollar a washcloth. How's that for a sweet deal? 

Peggy used a size 6 needle and a size G crochet hook (she doesn't have an H) and it turned out to be about 12x9 inches. Mine is about 10x9 inches. Her's is a little bigger but it doesn't matter for a washcloth.

I love this example because it is adorable and affordable. If you were having a hard time finding the cotton chenille or it is a little too pricey for your taste, the Sugar-n-Cream is the perfect alternative. 

You know these could be used as dishcloths with the Sugar-n-Cream yarn, too. That is so good. I know people love their knitted dishcloths.

I have one more Sweetheart email from Suzanne and she gave me permission to share it. She made a poem to go along with her Sweetheart Washcloth gifts for Valentine's Day and here it is:
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I knit up this washcloth,
especially for you!
Happy Valentine's Day.

Hot chocolate and cookies kept me company this afternoon as I was working away on my manuscript. Boy, did that taste good. Are you wondering if I dropped that second handful of tiny marshmallows into the cocoa? You bet I did, every last one. 

My older daughter made the chocolate drop cookies. She's twelve and does that girl ever like to bake. She is so fun to watch in the kitchen. Last night she whipped up 3 dozen chocolate chip cookies for her older brother to take to his homeroom today. He had the treat today. I appreciated that because, as always lately, I was working away on that old manuscript. 

I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel on all of the new book stuff. I sent off a big chunk of the manuscript to Trent (my editor at Artisan) this afternoon. Then on Friday I will be sending off a little more that I've finished editing. We are working hard and long on this one. Phew! It's going to be a good one.

Okay, dear Knitters. I have been so overwhelmed by your response to the new patterns. Thank you. That makes me feel really good.
best, susie