Thursday, September 06, 2007

Monsters, Cookies and a Fairy

Hi Knitters,
Last night I finished the second monster hat by Insubordiknit.
It turned out great and this time around I had just the right amount of yarn with a tiny bit left. I made the smallest size on the pattern that came with the kit using US size 11 needles. I used my own decrease sequence for the top. The handspun yarn was pure fun to knit. What a great little kit. Snatch one up if you find one available.
My sweet friend once again left a gift bag of iced apple sugar cookies on my doorstep yesterday morning. I took this picture before the kids got home from school. They were gone in a flash. It is so touching, beyond words. She quietly sets the gift on the front step with no note, no fanfare, so humble, so thoughtful. She's a rarity and I am flooded with gratitude.
In that first shot of the cookies I left out the fairy next to the plate and then I reconsidered. Isn't that cute? She is named Clarice. Drawing fairies and eating apple cookies is a good way to end any day.
Have a glorious weekend.
best, susie

Knit, Knit

Hi Knitters,
I have been knitting a ton lately. Some I can share and some I can't. I'd like to share everything I knit because I feel such accomplishment when I finish a project. There is nothing better. I lined up just a few of the projects I have going and believe me this is the tip of the iceberg! I know Stacey recently posted about the guilt she felt for having three projects going. I had to laugh at the number I have going all at once. It is a huge number that I don't really want to know. I don't mind because I always finish everything I start just not in an orderly fashion.
Starting at the left is a baby sweater I am working on. It is made in pistachio Nashua Cilantro. This is a springy, springy yarn. Next I have my second watermelon Sereknity sock. I've just got to get the second sock done for the fall. I am trudging away to complete pairs for several single socks I made over the summer. You know how that goes.

Next in line is the beautiful O-Wool Balance that I have been hearing so much about. I had to order some to try for myself. I ordered from here. Boy, oh boy, is everyone right about this yarn. It is wonderful to knit with and is an organic wool and cotton blend. It has a great texture but is light to work with. I see a sweater in my future with this beautiful yarn. It is a worsted weight with the gauge listed from 19-21 stitches per four inches, knit on a US size 5-7 needle. I am knitting a really fun toy out of that beautiful pale blue right now. I recommend this yarn. It is lovely.
Last but not least is my trusty Manos Del Uruguay which I also purchased here. This colorway is spruce which is the perfect name for this project. What could be better than the rustic stitches of this fantastic wool. I simply love this yarn and always will.
I have a couple quick updates I need to tell you about. First of all, the paypal progress to sell my patterns from this blog is not progressing well at all. We are waiting for an email that was supposed to arrive this week and I guess there is still one day to go so maybe tomorrow. After we get that go ahead things should start moving along.
Secondly, I posted my tour dates that are coming up so fast. I hope you check those out and come out to see me if you are close by. I had so much fun last year on tour and this year looks even better. I love getting out there to see all of those great knitters. Plus I get to talk about baby stuff and that's always a happy topic.
Lastly, I want to share a quick assignment my daughter, who is eight, had for homework after the first day of school. The teacher asked her to write down words that describe her and her favorite things. I loved her list so much I asked her if she would write a copy for me and here is her list:
artist, Lisa Loeb, bananas, red and purple, reading, story writing, panda and polar bears, watermelon, brownies, fairies, sparkles, colored rocks, soccer, gymnastics, piano, cray-pas, knitter, drawing dresses, starbucks frappacinos, chocolate cake, fresh from the farm carrots, sweet peas, dancing, strawberries, shrinky dinks, laughing, weeping mulberry trees, and family.
That list makes me wish I was eight. If only....
best, susie