Saturday, July 05, 2008

The Fairy Life

Hi Knitters,
Behind a large bleeding heart bush in our backyard are two brand-new fairy houses.
My fairy-loving daughter and I constructed an archway out of an old basket handle. We wound pieces from her collection of natural wonders around the arch. I wound some green cotton around the archway to hold the stems in place. This will be placed at the entry way to one of the fairy homes.
This house was made out of an old birdhouse I had sitting in my studio. We covered it with pieces of birch bark and leaves. The roof is covered with flowers and some hay-like stuff I had in my studio. Where I got that I'll never know.
The house is sitting upon a terracotta pot covered with leaves. While all of this was drying my daughter built another fairy house using other finds from her collection. We used glue and a staple gun to apply the pieces to the house.
This house is made from sticks tied together up top to form a tent-like structure. Included here are seashells, pine cones, rocks and feathers. Some sand from the sandbox forms the path to the door. There is a seashell bed with a cut piece of white fleece for the fairy pillow and blanket.
After the birdhouse dried it was placed on the other side of the bleeding heart.
Now we'll just have to wait and see....
...if any fairies claim these for their homes, fingers crossed.

I wish I was 9.
best, susie