Wednesday, January 23, 2013

More Socks

Hi, Knitters,
I'm trying to get those unfinished socks off the needles this week. I'm having some success. I've started the second sock for the Rainbows and Clouds socks. The cheerful yarn is by the wonderful Abbi Grasso and her shop is right here. It feels good to get going on the second as the first sock has been finished for a long time now.

I hand washed another batch of handknit socks. I thought I might as well as long as I was washing and blocking the finished Annabel Cardigan (more on that later). Try and match them up! None of the pairs are next to each other.

This delicious stack of socks includes some pairs that were knit 6 or 7 years ago. I do think that hand washing really helps to keep the socks going longer.  

All of these socks are knit from my free pattern which can be found by clicking right here.                                                      

The freshly washed socks look so bouncy, warm and inviting. 

The socks from the top down are the Patchworks, Noro Silk Garden Lite, Cakewalk Yarns Cherry Blossom, Noro Kureyon Sock, Trekking XXL, and more Noro Kureyon Sock.

It has been cold in Madison over the last few days. I have been layering my woolens just to keep warm. I keep thinking about how I want to knit an Elizabeth Zimmermann Rib Warmer to wear over my handknit sweaters when the temps dip below zero. That's a must in the near future. 

Back to socks, while washing and blocking my socks and new cardigan I wore my first pair of socks knit from my own handspun. This yarn was from the Knitgirllls spinalong/knitalong a couple of years ago. I love these socks.

I finally finished the second sock from my beloved Freshisle Fibers watermelon striping yarn. These are definitely my favorites for the moment. I still need to wash and block them. 

I have wanted to knit the watermelon striping socks since I saw Stephanie Pearl-McPhee knit them years ago. Finally my dream has come true. The yarn is a rustic hearty single-ply which I adore. I loved every second of knitting these socks. I will wear these with great adoration for years to come. 

I can't wait to wear the watermelon socks with my watermelon mittens out on the pond skating rink in my neighborhood, possibly by the end of the week. The below zero temperatures right now won't permit the skating but soon it will happen.

I'll be back with all of the details on my fresh new cardigan and the sweetest ceramic buttons from etsy I stitched on yesterday. 

Stay warm and layer those woolens.
best, susie 
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