Sunday, June 29, 2008

Start and Finish

Hi Knitters,
It's a Sunday for fresh starts and overdue finishes. I've decided what the Blue Sky Dyed Cotton is going to turn into. The picture holds a clue but I know what you may be thinking and it isn't a flower.
The project is going to be part of the beginner chapter in the toy book. So far I have a couple of good solid beginner projects completed but I need a couple more. One thing about an easy project with simple shapes is that it has to remain appealing for experienced knitters as well. Meaning it shouldn't end up looking like a beginner project in the end. You want something that you would want to give as a gift, something that makes you proud, something impressive, but it still has to be easy. For these reasons the beginner projects are the hardest to design of all. Advanced projects have no limitations, you can pull out all the punches at any time.
With gorgeous yarn in your hands half the battle is won. How can I go wrong with colors like that? Wish me luck. It's easy construction day, all day. I am thinking the knit stitch, double-pointed needles (an introduction for knitting in the round and casting on), learning how to make 1 (m1), knitting 2 stitches together (k2tog), and that's it. That doesn't sound scary, right?
Speaking of starting, my daughter started this scarf out of some left over Koigu Kersti. The start of the scarf is this funny loopy stitch (it's not showing up well) that I have used on a couple of toys for hair. She insisted on learning how to do the stitch. I taught her even though I didn't think she would get it down. I learned something here, never underestimate a beginner with want. She was looping left and right before I knew it.
On to some finishing that happened this morning, the same daughter (aka The Collector) grew this onion. She started growing it at school in a cup filled with sand. She brought it home and planted it in a pot in the yard. This morning she came in carrying her creation.
She loved the roots so much and of course thought they looked like hair. A face had to be added, no question. We both enjoyed the strong aroma of the onion. I love the smell of onions. I love eating them, too.
Another finished project is the Trekking XXL #134 peds. I finished up the toe early this morning. Luckily, it is a cool day here and I am actually enjoying wearing the wool socks in June no less. Go figure.
They look like popsicles or cotton candy or sherbet or summer....

The trunk show is off to a good start I hope. The first stop is here:

Sit n' Knit

Barbara Fabian

55 Wintonbury Mall

Bloomfield, CT 6002


Arrive: June 26

Depart: July 8

The site for this shop is here. If you are in the area go check it out! Get in touch with Barbara if you have any questions. I didn't get time yesterday to get the entire list up on the sidebar but it is coming, I promise. Also, someone wrote in to ask if the trunk show is going to be in Madison and the answer is no. Who knows why.

Hey, if you want to see some cool crochet projects combining fabric and other things look here. Seriously, scroll down. She has a great free pattern, too. I love it and I want to make one for myself.

Take care on this last Sunday in June. Try to start or finish something today and let me know.

best, susie