Thursday, June 24, 2010

Birthday Knit

Hi Knitters,
We are in the midst of our summer birthday celebrations. Both of my girls have summer birthdays that are two weeks apart. This makes for a few weeks of birthday parties, family gatherings and other whatnot surrounding their special days. It is fun but hectic.

TC loves the chocolate fever cake from Costco. It is a massive and dense chocolate cake that makes you wonder what you were thinking after taking a few bites. She loves every last chocolate shaving and frosted quadruple layer inside. Crazy kid. Crazier mom for buying it for her two years in a row. How can you deny that request?
This is my birthday knit progress shot. The sweater is the Garter Yoke Cardigan. I am actually finished with the body now, all bound off. I hadn't put the garter border on yet in these photos. I love it. It is turning out a little bigger than I thought but that's just fine with me.
The Peace Fleece wool tweed is pretty rough so this will be a layering cardigan for sure. I am glad it isn't tight fitting so I can wear shirts under it in the fall and winter. I picked out these fantastic blue buttons from the Sow's Ear last weekend. They are to die for. I will stitch them on and take the next progress shot before I start the sleeves.

Loving the sweater knitting! I have so many lined up you wouldn't believe it. Some using new yarn and some using very old stash yarn. The best of both worlds. Hey, we are sharing our sweater knitting over on the Itty-Bitty Knits Ravelry group this summer and we are joining the Tour de Fleece knitting adventure in a casual way. If you are interested come and join us. There is always so much going on in this fun group of knitters.

I have one sweater that I am anxious to start. It was just released last week and is called, Goodale. I ordered the yarn from Webs and already received it. The Pashmina by madelinetosh is divine. I picked the Norway Spruce colorway. Can't wait to get started.

The other sweater I am anxious to start is the Heather Hoodie Vest. I have had this one earmarked for quite awhile. I have a bunch of old Polar by Rowan (which has been discontinued) in a gorgeous chocolate brown that will be perfect for this pattern.

Another topic that is sweater-relevant is buttons. Here are some adorable fabric buttons I have been enjoying.

One last thing, here is some fabulous summery and fun fabric to check out. I love the one with the bicycles. That would make the cutest skirt.

Enough for now. See you soon.
best, susie