Monday, October 13, 2008

One More Fall Day

Hi Knitters,
Yesterday we headed out to a local pumpkin and apple farm to pick our fall goodies. It felt more like summer than fall it was so warm. What a beautiful day.
The pumpkins were picked over and many were rotten and gushy. It's been unseasonably warm lately and I guess that can be tough on the pumpkins. We found only a few that were good enough to keep. That's a shame. I saw lots of good pumpkins at the grocery store but that's never quite as fun. I'll need to pick up a few more later this week.
My husband is a good pumpkin picker and apple picker. His height and strength come in handy on the farm. Plus he is good all-around entertainment for everyone. He always has some child sitting on his shoulders trying to reach the highest apples.
She found a keeper. Even though the stem was gone the pumpkin was still in great shape.
The hay bales were prime jumping ground. That's my nephew following behind The Collector.
The apples were gorgeous and we filled a great big bag with a variety of types to bring home. 
The Collector found an enormous apple on the ground and she carried it around for a long, long time. She was very proud. She also fed another apple to a huge horse and loved it.
We love it when the apples still have the stem and leaves attached.
The colors were amazing. The sun was shining and the air smelled of apples. 
Just look at that vibrant red, so shiny and bright. I can't get enough of it.
I can't get enough of these not so little apples either. 

Now to pull out my favorite apple recipes. It will be an apple-filled week.
best, susie
p.s. Look at this and then this. I love her.