Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween in Noro

Hi Knitters!

Here is my Halloween costume for 2006! I really went all out with my disquise.

Yesterday I had an interview with Jennifer of Craftsanity. I am going to be on an upcoming podcast. It was very fun talking with her. When I was on tour for Itty-Bitty in Grand Rapids, Michigan she came to my event. We had lunch the next day and had a good time chatting about knitting and crafting. For the interview we talked for almost 2 hours, but it went so fast that I didn't even realize it was that long until I glanced at the clock at the end. That is a good sign, I hope!

On Thursday, November 2nd I am giving a talk and having a book signing event at The Knitting Tree here in Madison from 6:30-8:30pm. I hope to see lots of Madison knitters there. It is on Monroe Street and the new owner Jackie Shanahan is just wonderful. I am going to sneak down to take some pictures of the cute window display we set up last week to show the hats from the book. I will post that later.

All is well on this chilly, but sunny Halloween day. My kids are so excited to trick or treat tonight. Our neighborhood really does it up big, so it is extra fun! My sweet Noro skinny rib will keep me toasty I am sure.

best, susie

Saturday, October 28, 2006


Hi Knitters!

The wisdom teeth extraction went fine. It is difficult to see one of your children go through pain to say the least. Today is a better day for him and all seems fine.

I am on the last sleeve of my Kureyon skinny ribbed sweater. It is delicious. I was knitting in the waiting room yesterday and the receptionist called me over to look at this sweater. All of a sudden there were 5 office people gathered around admiring the colors. They were so interested, I told them they definitely needed to start knitting! They all laughed.

Sometimes when you knit in public you can attract a lot of attention, like it or not. I usually sit in a corner or out of the way seat in waiting rooms, so I don't gather attention while I knit. I also knit low in my lap so people don't notice as much. Anyway, the knitting was a good distraction to have to ease my worry in this case. I knit in public all of the time, almost every day, but sometimes I don't feel like talking about it or answering lots of questions. Other times it is fine. It just depends on the day and the situation. I am always cordial no matter what because I like to promote knitting as much as possible when people approach me. I think public knitting can spark an interest in non-knitters.

I promise pictures of the sweater as soon as I finish.

best, susie

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Yarnplay Hat

Hi Knitters!

This is my son in his hat from Yarnplay. I think it looks terrific!

Tomorrow he is getting his wisdom teeth removed. He is a calm, good sport about everything, so I know it will be okay.

best, susie

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Yarnplay by Lisa Shobhana Mason

Hi Knitters!

I just finished this scarf for my father-in-law's birthday gift for the upcoming weekend. Let me tell you a brief story about the hat that lead to this scarf.

My son, who is just shy of 15, asked me to knit him a hat. I jumped at the chance to knit my teenager a hat, what could be better than that? I had just bought Yarnplay, by Lisa Shobhana Mason, which is a great book, by the way, and it was laying about the house. He apparently looked through it and picked out "sidetracked" as a hat he wanted to wear. Again, I was thrilled.

We sat down and ordered the yarn online, he wanted the exact colors in the book, so that's what we did. We waited anxiously for the yarn to arrive, it came quickly from www.yarn.com and www.jimmybeanswool.com, two of my favorites. The hat is made from 3 colorways of Filatura di Crosa 127 Print, and it is striped throughout the hat. I didn't take a picture of the hat to share, because he has it with him right now. I'll see if I can catch him later for a photo.

Anyway, being a hat designer myself, I really wanted to make my own pattern, but with him identifying with the hat in the picture so positively, I thought it was best to stick to the pattern. I haven't followed a hat pattern for years, but I did just that! It is a terrific pattern, and the colors look great together. I made the medium size hat on size 9 needles. It fits him like a glove. I finished the hat in a matter of a couple of hours of off-and-on knitting, it is an easy, fun pattern-good job Lisa! He slapped it right on and wore it to school the next day. I am so happy about it, and he is, too. It was a fun project to do together.

Quick-Tip for hat knitting: Measure around the person's head (the head that will wear the hat of course!) at the forehead just above the eyebrows, and just above the ears. Whatever this measurement is, subtract 1 inch. This is the measurement you should use to determine the size of the hat you are making. Hats should be snug on the head! By subtracting the inch (sometimes I even subtract 2 inches depending on the hat), you insure a better fitting hat. No one wants a loose, baggy cap.

Now about that scarf, I had a lot of 127 Print left after the hat. My father-in-law is turning 74 this week, and we are going out for dinner to celebrate with him this weekend. He has everything, so it is difficult to think of an exciting gift to give him. I decided to make him a slight variation of the "sidetracked" scarf from Yarnplay. I used the 3 colorways of 127 Print which are numbers 14, 18, and 21. I then added tan, teal, and moss colors of Montera by Classic Elite. This was in my stash and has a similar quality to the 127 Print, and is about the same gauge. I casted on the long way with size 9 needles (circular Knit Picks Options, 32-inch). This pattern I really didn't follow exactly. I just alternated garter stitch and seed stitch and colors as I went. I just do what feels good to my eye. I think this is a great pattern from Lisa no matter how closely you follow it. I haven't made men's scarves so it is great to have a guide on length and width.

I think it is a masculine and handsome scarf that any man would wear! I hope it is a hit. Get this new book, Yarnplay, it has a lot to offer!

best, susie

Friday, October 20, 2006

One Bowl of Kureyon, Please!

Hi Knitters!
Here it is, in its complete glory. It looks like Kureyon on a platter from above. Where's my fork?
best, susie

New Sweater, Old Yarn

Hi Knitters!

This is the sweater I started yesterday. The yarn is Noro Kureyon, I don't know the number. My sweet sister gave this yarn to me last year for my birthday and it has been so hectic that I haven't gotten to it yet. This Kureyon has been on display in my family room in a ginormous green bowl for all to enjoy, mainly me. I am loving it knitted up, even more than I anticipated.

The pattern is a skinny ribbed sweater from the Noro 2 collection by one of my all-time faves, Debbie Bliss (j'adore!). I have already knit this sweater before in a different color-way of Kureyon many years ago. How boring, you wonder? No way! I love, cherish and wear this other sweater to death all winter long. I could really use another one. This style of sweater is my favorite, simple lines with a turtleneck.

I am knitting it on a size 8 needle at 4 stitches per inch, with my new Knit Picks Options needles. The binder is great, but I do need a few more pockets. The needles on the right side of the binder are the double-pointeds, which I have yet to try. A review will be coming soon...

My sister, mom and I went to lunch yesterday for my current birthday. My sister came through again with a gift certificate to Lakeside Fibers, a local yarn shop. Love her! Even better she bought the certificate at her school's silent auction so the money went to the school, how smart is that?

I will write about Lakeside Fibers at a later date because it is one of the most exquisite yarn shops around, and it is right here in Madison. We are lucky.

best, susie

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Uh-oh Addi Turbo

Hi Knitters!
I am starting a sweater (pictures to come!) with my new Knit Picks Options needles and are they ever fantastic! I have had a love of Addi Turbo needles for years, but now I am highly suggesting the Knit Picks Options. Here's what I like about them:

1. The point of attachment of the needle to the cable is incredibly smooth, no snags here.

2. The needle itself is smooth as silk, it has a great slide factor. The faster the better!

3. The cable is very flexible, but not flimsy, plus it is purple which is kind of fun.

4. The price is right, what a steal for a fantastic product. Really, check out the prices. Compared to the Addi Turbo needles, it is a huge savings.

5. The most important and unique feature is the point of the needle. It is sharp, the sharpest I've ever used and I love it! I really can't get over how sharp the point is, it is excellent.

Check out these needles at www.knitpicks.com. You can buy an entire set or just try out a single size, there are also double-pointed needles, too.

I will have pictures up soon. Right after I posted for the first time, my camera dropped and stopped working. I had to pick up a new camera and I will get that going in the next couple of days.
best, susie

Sunday, October 08, 2006

A-#1 post!

Hi Knitters!

I am starting this blog to keep in touch with all of the wonderful people I have met on the road this past month while touring for my first book, Itty-Bitty Hats!

This will be a short post due to the pending deadline for my second book! I am plugging away as always on my manuscript, but am so short of time right now. I have just over a week to finish up a huge amount of writing. However, I just wanted to get this started once and for all! I have been dreaming about this blog for months.

Thanks for all of the wonderful support, it has been great. I will post again soon with lots of knitting news and descriptions of my knitting adventures.

I completed these socks over the last couple of weeks. They provided some much needed company while traveling alone. I had my 14-year-old son take this shot and help me load it onto the blog. I don't know how to do this myself yet, but I plan on learning quick so I can share my many projects with you.

Check back soon for more!
best, susie