Sunday, May 30, 2010

Good Stuff

Hi Knitters,
I'm jumping around in topics today so hang with me!

My Peachy had her first big dance last week. Can you believe it? Our height difference makes me laugh every time I see it so clearly. I have mentioned it before but in case you missed it my husband is 6' 5" tall. Peachy clearly takes after my husband. I would love to be tall like that. She looked so pretty. I helped straighten her curly hair. This girl has some serious hair so it took quite an effort. She was funny and excited about the dance. Her friends met at our house to get ready for the dance. They were all sweet and fancy. She had a great time in the end. She came home bubbling with stories.
We went down to the farmers market again yesterday. I spotted this little handknit hat stand in front of the Grace Episcopal Church.
I actually started talking to the Reverend Pat Size who is behind the little hat stand literally and figuratively. She is the Hispanic Missioner for the church. She has lots of knitters who donate their handknit hats to her cause. All proceeds from the sales go to the Hispanic Ministry Scholarship Fund. Reverend Size was excited to tell me that over the years they have raised over $20,000 from selling the hats and they have sent two students to college with their scholarship funds. She was proud of these success stories. That is so wonderful.

I by chance noticed the reverend had Itty-Bitty Hats leaning up against the stand on the ground. See it there by her feet? I told her that I was the author of her book. She said that someone about a week ago had stopped by her stand and told her she should get Itty-Bitty Hats to use for her charity knitting. She had just gone to Borders to pick up a copy and loved it. She already had a few rosebud hats up on her stand that were getting attention while I was standing there. She asked me to sign her book for her. It was just a fun chance meeting.
I have been to a wedding at this church before a long time ago I think. Anyway, it was so refreshing to see such good being done through knitting. The stand attracted a lot of business. I wish them luck and if you are interested in contributing to this cause you can contact the church by clicking here.
Across the street the farmers market was hopping!
Each week there is different produce which is always fun to see.
Lots of radishes adorned the square. Radishes are always beautiful.
TC was on the prowl.
Oh she found something alright. She spotted a strawberry plant with ripe strawberries.
We went home with this beauty of a plant. It's already been planted in a bright sunny spot in our backyard.
She ate most of the ripe strawberries before we got home. We got our big bag of kettle corn of course. Well, it has been a busy stretch. May is always like that and I always seem to forget how much goes on with the kids in May. It seems like we have something every day and night of the week.

I have been knitting like mad trying to finish up some projects that are due in the upcoming week. It always creeps up on you no matter how hard you try.

I'll be back soon...
best, susie