Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Hi Knitters,
I am sure you have already checked out the new fall Knitty. Be sure you do if you haven't yet. There is always something for everyone in this online magazine. This beautiful lace hat caught my eye right away. The pattern is entitled Foliage and it is designed by Emilee Mooney. Emilee provides a worsted weight version and a chunky weight version of the hat. The Leaf Lace pattern is from A Treasury of Knitting Patterns (a great investment!) by Barbara G. Walker adapted to work in the round.
The hat in the pattern is made out of Malabrigo which is a lovely, soft meriono wool. I made mine in the emerald blue colorway #137 and in the worsted weight. I just happened to have 2 skeins sitting around and this pattern was the perfect answer for one of them. Maybe a scarf will emerge from what's left. I sat down to start knitting yesterday and this morning I already have a shiny new hat.
The pattern is clearly written with both charts and written lace patterns, so whichever you prefer it's there. I used size 7 dpns and sixteen inch circular needles and size 5 circulars for the ribbing.
You start at the crown to create this beautiful star-like top and head down with the dropping leaves to reach the ribbing. I added an extra 6 rounds of the leaf lace pattern because I think it was coming out a bit short for my liking. I don't enjoy a short hat that won't sit at your eyebrows and cover your ears. We need that extra coverage in this neck of the woods.
I also bound off using a size 7 dpn to knit onto. I wanted to ensure a comfortable bind off. Oh, and I decreased 4 stitches when I started the ribbing which wasn't in the pattern but it seemed like it could be a touch loose. I want a snug but comfortable fit.
It's a good hat! You should give it a try, it is quick, relatively simple and it uses a ton of techniques on a small-scale project. Those elements are always a perfect combination in a pattern.
best, susie
p.s. Itty-Bitty Nursery snuck out a little early!