Thursday, January 26, 2017

Wisconsin Woolen Spun Sport!

Updated at 10:40am CST on Jan. 26, 2017: The links have been fixed. Sorry for the error.

Hi, Knitters,
Sorry for the slightly fuzzy photo. I tell you, it is really difficult to get a crisp photo using natural light around here when there has been absolutely no light. It has been gray and fuzzy outside for weeks. Yesterday we did get a new snowfall which was pretty but the snow is so heavy and melty that I don't think it will last long. It is perfect snowman-making snow so I am hoping for a good show around the neighborhood.

Anyway, I am planning a fun giveaway for tomorrow, and a pattern discount, too. In the meantime, we have posted some really beautiful Wisconsin Woolen Spun Sport Weight Yarn over on the Barrett Wool Co. Mercantile! It is so pretty and squishy and light. Remember these are small batch yarns, wool from Midwest farms and milled and dyed right here in Wisconsin. 

We are picking up more yarns at the end of this week from the Wisconsin mill so there will be more to come as soon as we get it labeled and listed. We also just heard that the wool for our Home line of yarns is being shipped to the dye house in Maine so we will be fully restocked in a few weeks or so! 

Anyway, have a great Thursday and I'll be back tomorrow with more fuzzy photos (hopefully not) for a giveaway!
xo ~ susan