Sunday, September 08, 2013

My Hat in the Mountain Hat Design Contest Finals!

Hi, Knitters,
I made the final 18 for the My Mountain Hat Design Contest! I am so excited about it! 

If you are so inclined, please hop over to the My Mountain Facebook voting page, like the page and then vote for your favorite hat. You do not have to be a member of Facebook to vote! The photo of me wearing the hat is kind of washed out.

Voting stays open until September 23rd, 2013, ending at midnight PT.

Shelley Brander of Loops in Tulsa (she carries the yarn, Lova, for my hat in her shop) is working with My Mountain and she made this collage to post on the design page.

Another shop, The Wool Cabin (owned by my friends Suzette and Alison) in Salt Lake City also carries the Lova yarn if you would like to give them a call (801-466-1811) to order 2 skeins to make my hat. The Wool Cabin has great customer service and they will mail the yarn right out to you. 

The pattern will be coming soon through My Mountain! I didn't realize that they will be publishing the patterns for all of the semi-finalist designs. That's cool. 

Here's a little information about the hat if you want to get ready for the pattern:

2 skeins of Lova in the Beige-Orange Spot colorway required (it is a super-bulky yarn) Click here to see all of the colors of Lova!

US size 11 and 13 sixteen-inch needles and US size 13 dpns

The hat is made to fit a 20-23 inch head circumference. It is unisex. 

Pom-pom is optional, of course. If you make the pom-pom every last inch of the 2 skeins will be used which I love. No leftover yarn!

The aim of the My Mountain campaign is at the young skiing crowd who knits and crochets fun hats to wear on the slopes. That's why I wanted to keep my hat pattern fairly simple, chunky, fun and unisex. 

The fun slip-stitch pattern is easily memorized after a couple of times through. The stitch pattern goes so well with the fun coloration of the yarn. The slashes of neon color shine through with the strands carried across the right side of the fabric.

The hat could be thrown in a pocket and worked on while riding up the chair lift, it's that easy and fun! I designed the hat to be long enough to go over the ears for warmth. This hat will be the perfect gift knit for the upcoming holiday season, too.

The hats are not only for skiers but for anyone wanting a fun winter hat to wear. My family would love to have a few of these Lova hats in our house to throw on in the winter and I will be making more in different shades of the Lova yarn. 

Lova is really fun to knit with. You will love it. Check out all of the colorways available (click here). I would like a couple skeins of each to make a bunch of different hats! 

Please cast a vote for your favorite hat!! It's such a squishy, fun yarn and hat.

I appreciate you taking the time to look at the finalists and vote if you do.
I'll be back soon with more!
best, susie