Monday, January 24, 2011


Hi Knitters,
I was taken with this photo today. Wendy knit the Wrap Me Up Puppy (in Itty-Bitty Toys) up for her friend who is having her fourth boy. Before she gave it away her daughter snuck in a squeeze and a kiss. Isn't that the sweetest photo?

Here is what Wendy had to say about her knit puppy project:
Thank you so much!
It is hard for anyone not to love this sweet little puppy - thank you for such a great pattern!
I had been looking for the perfect item to make for a friend expecting her fourth son. I didn’t want to make a baby hat since my friend is a new knitter and has been delving into hat making. I was searching Ravelry for something inspiring and saw another friend who made the Wrap-Me-Up-Puppy a favorite. Once I saw it - I knew I had to make it! I already had your book because I had previously made the hippo and sisters, but forgot all about the darling puppies :)
Unfortunately for my daughter, the puppy is not hers. I had to take it away from her throughout the knitting process because I kept finding the nose wet from her kisses (ha!)
Now I can’t decide if I want to make her a puppy of her own or possibly the giraffe. Perhaps it will be both!
Thank you again, Susan, I so enjoy your books and reading your blogs!!

There's just something about that blanket.

Thanks, Wendy, for sharing with me and letting me share your puppy and your adorable daughter on here.
best, susie