Thursday, February 22, 2007

Scene of the Crime

Hi Knitters!

I don't have much time today, but I thought I would quickly share the scene of my ongoing crime with you and it isn't all pretty.

First of all, I have to eat candy while I am editing, somehow it makes the hours a little less painful. My candy of choice these past days has been sanded lemon drops, coffee nips, dulce de leche nips, and buttermints. Don't ask. I have the worst sweet tooth. I would easily skip a meal for a fantastic dessert.

Secondly, see all of those post-its sticking out of the top of the proofs? Those are all of the pages I need to revisit before sending it off. That isn't pretty at all! That makes me shudder.

Third, I shouldn't be working on anything else right now, so those socks are totally illegal. They are poison to me, but I can't stop. That is the Posh Yarns I got from here. It contains cashmere. Please release me, let me go. Do you even remember that song or am I way out there on that?

I received the cutest email from a knitter last night. She has itty-bitty and she loves the book, but she has become obsessed with a little elephant in one of the pictures. She wanted the pattern. I had to look for a long time to even find the elephant and it is really cute. If you have the book, look on page 18, up on the shelf. Unfortunately, I didn't knit the stripey elephant and it I am pretty sure it is a store-bought toy. I really love those stripes, those ears, and the size of that little guy. I may have to make one just like it! I'll let you know if it happens.

Much of the background stuff is mine in most of the shots in the book. Like for example on page 18, the hat the woman is "knitting" I started and sent to the photographer on about an hour's notice, the patchwork blanket is mine from Alphabet Soup (the staff made it as a group project), and also you can see my fairy's green foot and tulle skirt on the shelf. Throughout the book background items from my studio appear. I had never seen that elephant before yesterday, though, and I think I am getting seriously obsessed with it!

The other two most common questions I get in emails are, where is that bootie pattern on page 81, and on the same page, where is the bear sweater pattern? I need to write those up and I am seriously putting those two items on my things to do list as soon as I get a chance. I promise. I'll keep you posted on that!

best, susie