Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Episode 10 ~ Knitcircus Gradient Stripes Socks Set Giveaway!

Hi, Knitters,
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I am a bit scattered off and on so hang in there with me to hear about the fantastic giveaway.

There is much to talk about and link for today's short podcast episode but most importantly I want to share a few photos of the Knitcircus Gradient Stripes Matching Socks Sets that I am giving away so you can get a good picture of what the socks look like. This is a new gradient concept created exclusively by Knitcircus and the owner and my friend Jaala Spiro.

The photos for today's post are taken from the Knitcircus Etsy shop with permission.

I love this fun photo of the Gradient Stripes Matching Socks Sets colorways. It is a unique concept to have gradient stripes plus the yarn is squishy and compelling to knit. It's a winner all around. The change in stripe colors is gradual and interesting and subtle. You will love this yarn!

This is the next colorway I want to get and knit up right away! I have to put my order in with Jaala.

This is the matching socks set colorway called Tropical Sunset. I knit the one sock in Tropical Sunset that I'm giving away to a lucky winner! I used up one ball and you will get the other ball to complete the second sock. It is gorgeous and fun!

I will select two winners for the Knitcircus Gradient Stripes Matching Socks Sets. The prizes are as follows:
~ One winner will get the already knit sock by me and the second ball of yarn to make a matching sock. I show this already completed sock on the podcast.
~ The second winner will get a Gradient Stripes Socks Set in their color of choice.

You don't need to watch the video to enter to win!

To enter leave ONE comment on this blog post that includes an email address or your Ravelry ID or username. Please be patient for your comment to appear on the blog, there is a delay for me to approve comments. Please don't keep posting the same comment by pushing the publish button more than once, multiple entries make it an unfair contest. I know sometimes it is an accident so no worries, I try my best to take out multiple entries as I publish comments.

The one sock I knit from the set, that I shared on the podcast, is made using my How I Make My Socks free pattern on US size 1 needles, casting on 64 stitches with a 7-inch cuff. The foot length is easily adjustable. The sock is knit to fit a US 7.5-8 women's shoe size.

Okay, now for the various other links I discuss in podcast Episode 10:

Two Minor corrections: 
1. I say I never got to wear blue when I meant to say I always wore blue. (I also never complained to my mom about my dislike of blue so she had no idea.) 
2. I say I am going to make baby size fingerless mitts ~ no to this ~ I meant to say thumbless mitts for a newer baby or infant.

Twinset Designs podcast with Jan Hamby of Fair Winds Farm on Etsy ~ coming soon! (the beautiful teal alpaca farm yarn)!

Eggy Johnson sock yarn ~ no online shop. Barbara is a good one to follow on Instagram as ravblb and on Ravelry as blb. I don't know if she takes requests for her yarn or not. It is really beautiful.

I'm wearing the Lullaby Rain Shawlette by Paula Emons-Fuessle. I fail to mention this at first.

The yarn for the Lullaby Rain shawlette is Quince & Co. Finch in the Frank's Plum colorway.

The shawl pin is from Deerfield Creations.  I love this light-weight shawl pin, highly recommend.

Waiting for Winter Mitten and Fingerless Mitts pattern, the stripey Noro Kureyon Mittens. Here is the link to the blog post about the stripey mittens I made in Maine.

Here is the photo of the Entrelac piece I frogged to get 5 mittens worth of Noro Kureyon. It was about 10 years old and still on the needles (literally).

Sheppard Handmade Etsy Shop ~ one of my favorite pottery artists sent me the sheep mug as a thank you for hosting a giveaway for her. I love her buttons and have used them on several projects. She is wonderful and has great customer service located out of Canada. Highly recommend her shop!

There were a few other things I picked up in Maine that I forgot to share and I will do so another time very soon. 

Don't forget to enter the super fun double sock sets giveaway including one already knit sock by me!!! 

Leave a comment to enter if interested in winning the Gradient Stripes Matching Socks Sets. 

2 winners randomly selected soon.

Love you all! Thanks for the constant support and for the fun you bring to my life.
xo ~ susan