Monday, May 12, 2008

A Hook and a Cook(ie)

Hi Knitters,
Granny Square Update: 57
I know that isn't impressive since my last count was 52 but I shared anyway. I have had to slow down a bit due to other more pressing projects at hand. I will carry on though.
I wanted to share a couple of books with you today and both are crochet books I have acquired recently. The first is Lacy Crochet, Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts. Talk about beautiful little projects. There are things like doilies, placemats, a coin purse, adornments, booties, flowers, etc. All tiny, sweet projects done with fine yarn and small hooks. Love it all.
Just look at these booties, adorable. I love the rustic, simple photography as well.
I don't usually like any kind of knit or crocheted jewelry but I do like these pieces. They are so refined and lovely. I would wear either proudly. Now if I could just figure out the instructions, that is my challenge. Anyway, I recommend this one.
Okay, here is my other new crochet book. I think I mentioned this one briefly before. Lucinda Guy, one of my favorites, has a new crochet for kids book out and it is a winner. There are clothes, toys, blankets, hats, shoes, a complete collection ready to make. Her style is flawless, classic but always with a twist of fun. She loves her appliques and embellishments as much as I do and she does it well. Her partner in life and art does all of these fantastical illustrations.
How wonderful is this blanket? It is called the Bon-Bon Blanket and is made by placing a series of smaller circles next to larger circles and then crocheting on an edging. Lucinda uses all Rowan yarns so all of you Rowan lovers, me included, can revel in this feature. All of Lucinda's books are a happy, upbeat source of kids designs of all sorts. Definitely check her books out if you are looking for some new ideas for kids 2-5 years old.

There is such a sense of humor throughout Lucinda's books, you'll fall in love I am sure.

I got this book for Mother's Day from the kids. I am a major cookie baker and I love trying different recipes but my kids' favorite? Chocolate chip cookies, the recipe right off the back of the chocolate chip package. Go figure. Maybe I'll win them over with a few choices from here.

These are banana chocolate chunk. Maybe that'll work.

You know, I am not adding links right now because there is something weird going on with my computer this morning. I have been thrown off-line about a dozen times while I have been writing this post, frustrating...I will add them later when I figure out what is going on here.
*the links have been added:)*

Hope you had a nice weekend, Knitters. It is a glorious Monday.

best, susie