Friday, September 14, 2012

Soule Sister

Hi, Knitters,
I have wanted to write about Amanda Soule and her Soule Mama blog for quite awhile now but haven't found the right moment. That moment is finally here. As you can see by the stack of her books and magazines above, I have been a long time follower and admirer of her writing, sewing, crafting, cooking, gardening, knitting, family rearing, and her honest lifestyle. She does it all and she does it quietly and thoughtfully. There is something peaceful and earnest about her blog that I love. The joy she finds in her family and nature shines through in every post.

Click here for the Soule Mama website.  Here you will find Amanda's inspiring blog, links for her books and her magazine. 

Click here for the inspiring soulemama project page on Ravelry. I want to knit everything Amanda knits and I definitely have knit things inspired by her photos and postings. The Garter Yoke,  Shalom and the Tea Leaves cardigans are all examples of projects I have made due to Amanda's blog posts and her beautiful knitting. She chooses, executes and photographs her projects so skillfully.

When I first heard the news that Amanda was becoming the editor and contributor for a new grass roots magazine called, Taproot, I knew it would be nothing short of unique and beautiful. The artwork on the cover and throughout the magazine is stunning and interesting. The inside pages are chock-full of information and articles. I subscribed right away. 

There have been three issues so far (in order above from right to left) and each has a theme, issue 1 is soil, issue 2 is paths and issue 3 is retreat. I have read them all cover to cover and there is a wide variety of topics offered in each magazine. You'll find everything from gorgeous photography, illustration and artwork, quotes, science lessons, recipes, patterns, well-written articles surrounding the theme of the issue and much more more. 

For example, in the retreat issue, there is an article about the Squam Retreat that recently took place in the New Hampshire woods. Amanda attended Squam this year and then wrote about it for the magazine. I really enjoyed seeing that article and would love to attend this retreat someday. I think my friend Dianne went this year and gave it rave reviews as did Amanda. Oh yes, Dianne's posts about Squam are here and here. Dianne's blog is really good, too, and you should read it if you don't. She is a woman with many talents.

 (photo from the pages of Taproot)
Anyway, back to issue 3 of Taproot. I was pleased to see that the multi-talented Carrie Bostick Hoge, of Quince & Co. and, has a mitten pattern in the pages of this issue. These adorable corrugated mittens are knit in Quince & Co. Puffin, Osprey or Lark, depending on the size you are making. I will be making a pair of Carrie's mittens out of Quince yarn for sure. The mittens come in sizes from baby all the way up to fit men. That's a wide range.

Click here for Quince & Co. of which Carrie is the art director. All of the glow-y photography for Quince is from Carrie.

Click here for Carrie's blog, Swatch Diaries, and her patterns on She has been quite prolifically designing baby patterns lately, probably inspired by her own beautiful little girl I imagine. I have the yarn and pattern set for this gem of a sweater by Carrie and it is next in line after I finish the Calligraphy cardigan (which is taking me forever).

Anyway, please check out Taproot, the Soule Mama blog, and Amanda Soule's books. You won't be disappointed and you'll have hours of reading and inspiration ahead.

Now onto some more knitting fun.....

I even have more Quince & Co. for you today. I ordered two skeins of Quince's Tern, which is a wool and silk blend in a fingering weight. I keep saying this everyday, but I really am casting on Paula's Hyla Brook this weekend. I have had this set for weeks on end and I just haven't gotten to it yet. The colorway is called Sea Grass and I am knitting it on US size 5 needles.

Can't wait!

Here is the third pair of worsted weight mittens I have made from my newly created mitten design. The pattern is coming soon. These are just the best pair of simple worsted weight mittens I have made. The mittens above are made out of Noro Kureyon and it takes two skeins to make this medium-sized pair.

I am working on a big project right now with a deadline looming. This is why I haven't started my Hyla Brook yet amongst other things. I still have a ways to go. This project is stretching my skills a bit as it includes something I haven't designed before. Take your guesses!

One last thing, my Vogue Knitting Live class for the top-down baby cardigans has been sold out for awhile but now there is suddenly one spot available! The class is from 2-5pm on Sunday, October 28th in Chicago. I hope someone snags the opening soon. Click here for more information on the class!

Have a great weekend, Knitters. It is turning into a lovely fall season so far.
best, susie