Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Little Moonshine in the Morning

Hi, Knitters,
First of all, what a great and huge response to the books and yarn giveaway! Wow. I didn't imagine getting so many entries to win. That's just fun and amazing. The randomly selected winner is someone I actually know. Every rare once in awhile a friend wins one of my giveaways and I always enjoy that so much. The winner of the Color by Kristin yarn pack and all four of my books is the one and only Dianne of Sheep Dreams. (Click here to see Dianne's wonderful blog.) I know Dianne is a huge fan of Kristin's and she will love and enjoy the yarn. Congratulations to Dianne and thank you to everyone for entering.

Thank you to Kristin Nicholas and Classic Elite Yarns for the generous yarn pack for the winner! If you don't have Kristin's yarn, Color by Kristin, in your local yarn shop, please ask the shop owner about it. They may already carry Classic Elite and if the owner gets requests they may add Kristin's yarn line to their inventory. Word of mouth does wonders in the yarn industry. I love this yarn and hope it stays around for many years to come.

Now onto some yummy, squishy handspun yarn.....

Early in the morning to get my day going I sometimes sit and spin for a short bit. It is kind of like the calm before the storm of the day. I just finished up plying some gorgeous singles spun from roving by the Moonshine Fiber Company. I purchased this about a month or two ago.

Click here for the Moonshine Fiber Company Etsy shop!

Click here for the Moonshine Fiber Company website!

Click here to see a super funny blog post Moonshine did when I first posted about their fiber!

The yarn was spun from a black and gray roving and another brightly colored roving. Each colorway of the roving weighed in at 2.5 ounces for a total of 5 ounces. The roving was a combination of fibers including merino, colonial, alpaca, silk, sparkle threads and soy silk. They also threw in some slap bracelets, Ray Bans, and Jellies for a dash of 80s flair. The neon brights are very 80s. I love this silliness and it certainly made for a fun and interesting spin. 

My finished hank of yarn is a 2 ply heavy fingering weight (maybe sport weight) and measures in 462 yards. I'm not sure what I'll make with it yet. For now I am enjoying just squishing this big bouncy barber pole-y skein of goodness. The way the dark black and gray singles plied with the eye-searingly bright singles was inspiring. I knew the dark singles would tone down the brightness significantly. You can't really see the sparkle element in the yarn in the photos but it is there in person.

Basically, I love this cute little etsy shop, the fun women behind it and especially their enormous sense of humor about the entire thing! Don't miss Moonshine Fiber Company.

Here is how it all started (be sure to check out the adorable stamped brown paper bag they use for packaging - I love it:):

All of this came out of that tiny paper bag!

By the way, I crammed all 5 oz. of plied yarn on a 4 oz. bobbin. I kept squeezing it down so I could get more on. It was barely possible but in the end.... I won.

Alright dear Knitters, I will be back soon.
best, susie