Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Place Mat Mania

Hi Knitters,
My family is one for place mats. They love to have place mats on the kitchen table for every meal. Unfortunately, I have only two sets of not very appealing place mats for them to use. Plus, they are constantly in the wash as place mats tend to be.

By the way, did you think "place mat" was one word or two? I thought it was one but wasn't sure so I started looking around. In ads for Macy's and other places it is one word, placemat. Interestingly enough, in the dictionary it is two words so that is what I will use:
place matnouna mat serving as table linen for an individual place setting

I have been wanting to sew my own set of place mats forever. After finishing my large quilt and refreshing my quilting memory I got the inspiration to come up with my own version of a quilted place mat. I didn't use a pattern for this at all in case anyone is wanting to ask for the pattern.

I have finished four so far. Ideally I need at least ten or twelve for my family and guests. We could never really have enough with some always being in the laundry so I will keep plugging away.
I have collected some fat quarter fabric bundles over the past few years and they are making some pretty charming place mats if I do say so myself.
Each mat is reversible and has different quilting lines that are completely random and not measured or marked. I just go at it.
I spent a little time making a huge roll of binding by cutting strips of various fabric pieces and scraps and sewing them together to have on hand. The mismatched fabric makes for a fun edging. I love that.
The whole process is free and easy. I am using one of my store-bought place mats as a size guide. I just lay it on top of the fabric and cut away. There is basically no measuring whatsoever involved. I love the unplanned project so much.
Here are two more waiting to have the binding hand-stitched and then they will be ready for use.

I think I will put up a tutorial for this project at some point soon. It is fun and quick and I am hoping to get some made for holiday gifts for this Christmas season. You might want to do this, too.
On the knitting front, I am working away on this baby blanket in Outer in the Cedar colorway. It is turning out really great.
Also, I just posted a new free pattern on Spud says! for this cute hat called, Go Team! I sized it for young children through adult sized heads! This is another perfect gift idea and let me tell you the teens LOVE this style hat. You won't go wrong gifting this one.

Take care, Knitters. It is a busy, busy week ahead. Off we go!
best, susie