Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Needle Case Flurry

Edited to add: Well, look at that! Moments after I posted this Linsay found the link and dpn cases for this same case. Click here to go to the site!

Hi Knitters,
I am laughing about the response I got to my old plastic double-pointed needle case in a photo from a couple of posts ago. I can't even tell you how many emails I have gotten about this dpn case. Really, it's a lot of emails. This cracks me up. Go figure. Instead of trying to answer everyone separately (some have even written me back a couple of times because I didn't answer promptly enough) I am posting all I know about the dpn holder right here for all to share:)

You know sometimes I feel like it is overkill for me to put up links and explain every item in the photos I put on here but if I don't include the information and links I'll get asked about it and probably multiple times. I'm saying this so you know why I include information or sometimes I'll specify if I don't have the information about something.

Anyway, back to this needle case. It is very old, honestly I am not even sure how many years I have had it but many. I wrote the numbers myself with a black Sharpie on the pockets. I cram multiple sets of needles in the pockets. I think I originally ordered it from Patternworks, I am not 100% sure of this. However, when I just looked I didn't see anything like it on their site.

I looked on the case and there is a tag that says Ashland Sky as the brand with a site called, ashlandsky.com. When I go to this site nothing pops up. There you go! That's all I know about it. The case has served me well. I think there are way nicer and much prettier cases available now for dpns. I saw some lovely fabric cases when I was looking around.

A quick reminder, tonight I am the guest speaker, March 9th, at The Greater Milwaukee Knitting Guild:

March 9th, 2010
Bergstrom Hall
Mount Mary College
2900 N. Menomonee River Parkway
Milwaukee, WI

Hope to see you there!
best, susie
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