Friday, May 08, 2009

Springy Bits and Pieces

Hi Knitters,
Wow, it is a beautiful spring day. It couldn't be any closer to perfect outside. I just spent an hour or two on the phone going over some little things for Itty-Bitty Toys. We are scouring it thoroughly and completely. I am in love with this book and I can't wait for it to come out next November, 2009. I have the cover shot and I'll ask the publisher if I can share it soon. It is very sweet.

I pulled out some excellent colors of Tahki Cotton Classic this morning to wind up. Do you recognize the color grouping? It is the good old rainbow, ROY G BIV, for the Rainbow Marley hat in Itty-Bitty Hats. I have joined my first knitting swap on the Itty-Bitty Knits group on ravelry. I am so excited. We are a small group all knitting Rainbow Marley hats in any way you see fit, different colors and a couple different sizes, and then we are swapping them! It is just a fun little springy thing to do. You can still join the Hat Swap if you are interested up until May 16th. Come on along, I hope some of you join in. It is always fun to knit something and give it away and then you'll get something right back in return. I can't wait to see the different takes on the Marley, too.
I was thinking that I might make my Marley in a different colorway like greens and blues. Then I started thinking that I love the rainbow version and I can't really top it. I am doing the rainbow colors and I am excited to start later today. I actually have to look up the pattern because I haven't knitted this hat in about 5 years or so. My memory isn't that good! It'll come back to me, right?
My neighbors have the most beautiful yard. They have tulips  popping up everywhere. I used to have tulips until the rabbits ate them all and now they don't come up anymore. I miss them in my yard but I get to enjoy the tulips next door. Rabbits must not like daffodils because I still have those every year.
Every tree is busting out around here. We love watching and waiting for our flowering trees to bloom. 

This is a change of subject but I have been thinking a lot about knitted sachets lately. I love them and think they make the sweetest gifts. A new free pattern for a lacy sachet just came in my email this morning. You may have gotten this pattern already but I thought I'd share the link just in case. I think I may make a few of these for teachers gifts this year or something like it anyway. They are quick and little and smelly, in a good way. Remember this one, too. I've made some of these tiny pine trees and given them away.
The Collector wanted French braids this morning, not regular braids. We had a few extra minutes so I obliged. She looked so neat and tidy that I thought I'd snap a quick photo of her. Her crafting has reached all new levels lately. I'll have to photograph some of her latest creations and share them soon. The girl really needs her own blog. The fairy obsession is already coming back strong for the warmer weather. There is some serious fairy house planning going on. Can't wait.

Okay, one last silly thing to ask you about. I have been collecting the fortunes out of fortune cookies for several years. I save them every time we eat Chinese for dinner, which is only once every few months. I want to do something creative with my collection but I don't have nearly enough. You know my table I decoupaged luggage labels on? Yeah, something like that only with the fortunes. 

Well, I guess what I am asking is if any of you eat fortune cookies a lot and if you would save your fortunes for me. I would love it if you would! There is no rush in getting them to me at all but if you are interested in starting a little stash for me instead of throwing them out I would appreciate it. It is sort of a little "green" project, recycling a bit. Let me know if you are up for this. I know, silly, right?

Happy Mother's Day to all of you this weekend. Give your moms a hug from me: )
best, susie
p.s. I am hosting two more Girl Scout knitting gatherings today and next week. I'll keep you posted on their progress.
p.p.s. Guess what? My sister is coming over next Thursday (and hopefully more) to help me learn how to use my sewing machine better. We scheduled it right in, Sewing Thursdays! I am so excited about this. I do so much hand sewing and I have this beautiful machine sitting in my studio that I don't know how to use very well. We are going to start a project together. I am getting all of the materials this weekend. I'll keep you posted on my progress.