Monday, April 05, 2010

1477 McAllister St.

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Hi Knitters,
I have to share with you the amazing flat we lived in for a few days while we were in San Francisco. We all absolutely adored this fresh and homey spot. As we pulled up the owner's mother was outside sweeping the steep steps leading up to the humongous red door of our flat. She was French and lovely and welcoming. The houses were all connected in a row, sharing walls. It was picturesque and colorful. We couldn't wait to get inside.

Above you'll see my girls sitting at the table. We spent a lot of the time we were in the house at this table. TC is working on a latch hook square that is a swirled rainbow of sorts, you can see my knitting bag filled with yarn from Knitty City on the table and my other daughter (and all of us) spent loads of time reading on this trip. I love the fact that we are all such lovers of books. It was so quiet and fun at that table.
The ceilings were about 12 feet high which was wonderful for my 6'5" husband. That must feel so good to him, I can't imagine. The walls were painted a soothing green and soft shades of white. We were struck by the incredibly long narrow hallway sprinkled with so many doorways. At the back end of the hall was the kitchen and dining table, a nook-like area.
At the front end of the hall was a sitting room that was warm, gorgeous and comfy. The decor was sparse but clever and sort of just right. Thoughtful you might say.
The high ceilings were adorned with chandeliers, some with missing lightbulbs, but all with incredible moldings. The detail took my breath away. There were enormous pocket doors and secret passages that connected all of the rooms. The doors never seemed to close all of the way or just right but that added to the fun.
There were large windows and nooks everywhere. You can see the cables that run over all of the streets for the cable cars. I think after awhile you wouldn't see the cables but I noticed them every time I was walking or driving around the city. It is like living under a web of wires.
Books were stacked horizontally on most of the shelves. It was interesting. The floors in the rooms had old worn hardwood that I loved.
The flight of stair coming from the front door had this railing along the top. The hallway went in both directions from the top. My kids talked about counting all of the stairs but I never heard a number. It wasn't even the number of stairs so much as how incredibly steep they seemed.
This was looking down and out the front door. You always seemed to be going up or down in this city.
The kitchen was modern and clean and roomy. I especially loved the faucet. It was a statement. The double doors just beyond the sink held a full-size washer and dryer. Every inch of the flat was used in the most economic way possible.We had a tiny balcony off the dining area which I loved. Everything is so tight and compact but people get very creative with small spaces in true city living. I love the blue laced spiral staircase next door and their courtyard with toys strewn about. My kids were intrigued at the thought of having the little tiled space as your backyard. We saw kids playing catch on the sidewalks by our house. People adapt and make due wherever they live and that's what makes the world go round. I love that.
Looking down on the other side of the balcony was a postage-sized zen garden. It oozed a meditation-like feeling. It was beautiful. I am obsessed with the cracked cement and the green cushiony covering on the ground. Look at the vibrant green next to the gray. The leafy vines and ornaments added to the peaceful feel of this tiny space.
Every space had something interesting to look at or to think about. These beautiful natural rocks sat on the window ledge in the bathroom. I loved this thoughtful touch. I wonder where the rocks were from. Since I was a child I have been enamored by rocks. Love the rocks for some unknown reason. Look at those rustic colors all in a row. Perfection.
The doors above were the bathroom double doors from inside of the bathroom. They really didn't close right and they certainly didn't lock. It was kind of funny. My older daughter didn't like that fact at all. However, the shower swept you away. It was like standing in a sweet, warm rainfall. It made you feel so good.
Here is our gigantic front door. Love the deep shade of red. Love doors in general. They hold all of the stories inside.
The freshly swept steps going down from the front door were the best. The kids bounded up and down taking several steps at a time. Look at the checkered cement sidewalk. Delicious. Cement.
There were flowers everywhere. We were only a block or two from Alamo Square. There was a huge tree blocking the view of our house from the street so I couldn't get a great direct shot. There was a tiny garage and steep short driveway.
These houses were right next door and our house looked similar to these. I don't know the exact age of our house but I love all of the Victorian painting and colors in the neighborhood.

San Francisco is colorful in its buildings and in its people. There is fantastic eye candy everywhere you turn. I could hardly soak it all in. I was in love with all of it.
Perspective is everything. We all loved our flat in San Francisco so much. I would go back anytime and I hope it happens someday soon. We were on the run the entire time just trying to see and experience everything the city had to offer. I would love to have a longer time to stay in San Francisco in the future.

By the way, there were people on the streets wearing incredible knitwear at every turn. Long looping scarves worn loose or wrapped several times and scrunchy hats both knit and crochet were all the rage. More to come on the knitting scene later....

More to share soon!
Have a super Tuesday, Knitters.
best, susie