Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Summer of Craft

Hi Knitters,
Wow, this month is going fast. I have been knitting up an absolute storm but unfortunately the projects can't be shared as of yet. There is a lot to share coming up in the near future on the knitting front. That's just the nature of the game.

In other crafting news, I am pleased that I have been able to squeeze in quite a bit of other types of crafting this summer that I have been able to share. An example of this is the little sewing book kit I made for a gift recently. It turned out great and I thought you might like to make one, too.

I took a scrap of white wool blend felt and cut out a small book size rectangle for the cover. I would give measurements but I never measured or used a ruler. I used the "ol' eye-ball it" method of measurement. You should use this, too, it makes for more fun I find. I sewed, with my machine, some ribbon scraps on the front and one on the side to make it like a book binding.
I cut two rectangle fabric pieces and sewed them together, right sides out. I used my pinking shears to trim the edges. Then I stitched a line down the center to attach the pages to the book. I found a handful of buttons to sew on the right side of the pages. I tried to pick common buttons that might match up to replace a missing button. 

The left page is my favorite. I threaded 3 sewing needles one with brown thread, one with white thread and one with black thread. I knotted the other end of the thread, too. I cut out a tiny piece of fabric and stitched on a pocket. I wound up each thread separately into a coil and stuffed it in the pocket. The needles are literally ready to go in a flash. I also pinned on two safety pins to the right side of the pocket. 
I think this is the perfect emergency sewing kit for home or travel. When you are home and in need of a quick fix for a hole or a button you can always look here first. You know how you are always running out the door when you notice you have a missing button. Here's your solution. For travel it is perfect as well because it is little and flat. I could fit this in any suitcase no matter how full.

I hope you make one of these for you to keep or as a gift for someone you love!

By the way, the fabric scraps are from The Collector's new skirt I sewed up last weekend. I have to get her in a couple of photos to share that with you as well. It is really cute and it was simple to sew. That will be coming up.
Speaking of The Collector, I have a quick story for you. The other day we were biking home from the pool together. She often will do this:

All of sudden you realize when you are biking along that she is not with you anymore. When you look back you'll see she has jumped off her bike, quietly, without a word, to pick up some sort of nature she has spotted. Well, this time when I looked back, and I had gotten quite far ahead, she was gathering up this tiny nest. She was so excited about it. I don't know how she even saw it, it was on the ground way under a big pine tree. That's called eagle eye, I guess. The nest is kind of falling apart but she loved the fact that the bird had woven pieces of thread into the twigs and a bit of fluffy stuff to boot. I love her quiet urge to stop and gather. It is no big show, it comes from within.

The best part of this story? When I wasn't in my studio, The Collector snuck in there and took a small fabric bird I had sewn recently and sat it right in the nest on my table. Perfect fit. When I came in later the bird in nest was sitting front and center. It was like she had this idea all along. I like it when kids do quiet and cool things but don't draw attention to it. It's like they just have a need to do something but they don't need any sort of recognition for it. That's awesome. Now I will never take the fabric bird out of that nest. It's there for good and I will cherish it. When I talked to her about how much I like the bird in the nest, she just smiled and nodded like she knew how good it was.

Now, if you want to stitch up your own bird look here for the free pattern. It is incredibly easy with or without a sewing machine. It's only two tiny pieces of fabric. I have made lots of these simple birds and they make a lovely little gift. I think a bunch of these in a big bowl on a table sewn up in fabulous fabrics would be fantastic or you could use one for a pin cushion. 

It has been a busy, busy weekend with lots of family activities and today looks a little less full. I have a big (in size) knitting project due on August 18th and I am not anywhere near done. Guess you know what I am doing today. Do you think I'll make it? Wish me luck, I'll need it.

Take care.
best, susie