Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Let me get my glue gun...

Hi Knitters,
I thought you might think this is as goofy as I do. On last Saturday night we had somewhere between 20 to 30 people over to take photographs of their kids before the homecoming dance. We had appetizers and soft drinks and tons of photos were taken. It was fun.

One girl's wrist corsage fell apart just minutes after she slipped it on. There were six tiny white roses and five of them fell off, pretty disappointing. One of the roses was lost for good. While the other four roses were being gathered up I noticed there was a corsage crisis in the making. All of sudden I felt a bunch of eyes looking at me! Yeah, let's ask the knitter, she can fix it.

My first attempt was to pin the roses back onto the base of the corsage. That was a disaster. The other moms were talking about Super Glue as an option. I may have had Super Glue at some point but after all of the renovation turmoil I have no idea where it might be. Then the glue gun option came up. I knew I had a glue gun in my basement somewhere. I ran downstairs and started digging in bins. I was feeling some serious corsage repair pressure.

I struck it rich. I actually found three glue guns. Don't ask.

I ran up the stairs to the party clutching my glue gun and extra glue sticks. My statement when I emerged was, "That was nothing short of a miracle!" That drew some laughter. I started gluing the corsage together and when I looked up I realized that several parents were taking my picture while I was trying to piece the corsage back together. Why on earth?

I managed to fix the corsage and it looked pretty darn good, close to perfect.

When one of the parents sent photos of the kids at the gathering to me (and other parents) today there were photos of me with my glue gun included. I couldn't believe it. That's not right.

The dad did tell me later that they used the photos of me with my glue gun at the florist to show how the corsage fell apart and had to be repaired. They got a full refund!

Glad to be of service.
best, susie