Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sock Bunny Love

Hi Knitters,
The Collector is on a crafting roll and I just had to share her latest with you. I had popped into Barnes & Noble with her the other day and we wandered into the knitting and sewing book section. She is fun because she will look at these books right along with me for as long as I'd like. Anyway, she was studying the book, Stray Sock Sewing, Too, while I was looking at the knitting books.

By the way, I quietly pointed out my new book to her as it was sitting on the bookshelf facing out at Barnes & Noble. She shook her head and said, "Mom." She said it kind of like I shouldn't have pointed it out. It was funny. It was the first time I had seen the new book out in a public setting. We didn't dwell on my book, that's for sure.

As always, when she gets interested in something crafty I have a hard time resisting her enthusiasm. She came home with the sock toy book. Later, my husband had to run to the drugstore for a couple of items and she tagged along. She came home with a bag filled with fuzzy socks for making toys. She even snuck in a pair of sock slippers (the little footy type) for herself. My husband didn't notice until they got home. He said the slippers were the same kind his Grandma Honey wore. Exactly. She was sporting her Grandma Honey slippers around like nobody's business. She is such a character.
On Sunday, she set out with her book, a pair of fuzzy pink socks, a needle, thread and scissors and a whole lot of determination. She picked out the project called, Baby Bunny. What I love the most about The Collector's version of Baby Bunny is that it doesn't look much at all like the bunny in the book. She took the idea and made it her own. That's awesome.
The fuzzy sock lent itself well to seaming and hand stitching because with matching thread you couldn't see a single stitch. She is beside herself with happiness. That's a lot of pride.
The Collector pulled out her button collection and selected the wooden heart buttons for the front and a tiny brown button for the nose. She stitched on a face with black embroidery floss. She did every last stitch of sewing on her own. Incredibly enough I didn't help at all. She felt so accomplished. This toy was made in a few short hours. She realized that she is able to create something really wonderful on her own without a stitch of guidance from me. This is a big moment for her. The sky is now the limit.
The finishing touch was the tiny pink pom-pom tail she made and added on the back. The bunny is just perfect in its imperfect way.

She named her bunny, Flopsy. She asked me to tell you that.

I enjoyed watching her in action on this project. Boy, she is driven when it comes to creating and making. It is her calling. I can't wait to see where this drive takes her.
best, susie