Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Spin Spin

Hi, Knitters,
Last fall after one of my hikes I came home and saw this beautiful fall-inspired Shetland roving from Dyeabolical. I had to start spinning it right away. Being short for time I wanted to spin a heavier weight yarn which is much quicker from start to finish. I went for my trusted double-marl technique which for me usually produces a thicker yarn.

The 4 ounces of Shetland wool roving spun up so fast. I split it in half and did a simple 2-ply. The colors are beautifully blended with the double marl technique. See how the singles look like plied yarn (photo above) using this technique? Taking two strands of the roving to create the singles distributes the colors so well throughout the yarn.

I got 110 yards of a bulky weight yarn. It is rustic and wonderful. The colors are just gorgeous. Shetland isn't the softest of wools but it is one of my favorites. I Navajo plied the singles left on one of the bobbins and got another 20 yards or so.

I love the way the teal blue pops out of the purples, browns and oranges. What a dreamy combination. It is such a great use of color by Dyeabolical.

What do you think... a hat or fingerless mitts or something else?

I have this skein sitting next to me as I work on, well, work. It makes me happy.

Now I have moved onto this.....

...a fantastic 4 oz. roving by Sunshine Yarns in a stunning array of purple that is irresistible.  I am spinning this one much, much thinner to make a 3-ply. I have the roving divided into three even parts for this plan. This roving is smooth and silky to spin. This super fluffy roving is a nice switch from the rougher Shetland. It's good to change it up.

Oh, dear spinning... how did I live without you for so long?

I have my eye on this wheel now. It's just a dream.
best, susie