Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Collector & Molly's Hat

Hi Knitters,
This is just a quick post to share some photos I took of The Collector this morning. She is wearing the newest pattern in my pattern shop. It is called Molly's Matching Hat and it is for sale for $2.00 (that's a steal). The Collector was coloring some turkey drawings she made for school before she had to leave. As she stood in my studio coloring at my table, I was admiring her standing there. I was struck by all of the shades of light blue that were swirling around her. I grabbed my camera and snapped a few shots. She was unaware I was taking the photo, those are usually the best kind.
After I took the photo she said, "Hey." She had this look on her face.
She is a good sport because then I wanted some photos of different angles of the hat. Her head is 21.5 inches, the hat also fits my older daughter and me. Our heads are both 22 inches. It is really an adult-sized hat but remember there isn't much size difference for kids' heads and adults' heads. Most kids can wear adult-sized hats. Molly's Matching Hat is knit to a 20 inch circumference and stretches up to 22 inches. I like a snug fit on the hats I knit.
You know, every morning when I brush and fix The Collector's hair I always, everyday, think about how much I love brushing her hair. I will be sad when she starts fixing her own hair, which I am sure will be very soon. I cherish this motherly duty. It's the sweetest hair and she smells so good.
Feeling a lot of love for my kids today and I just thought I would share.

The hat has a matching mitten pattern called Molly's Mittens for sale for $3.00. If you purchase both patterns you get them for the bargain price of $4.00. These are the fastest knits around on big needles, size 10, and completing both patterns takes only 2 balls of contrasting colors in this yarn total. You could finish knitting this hat in an hour or two. Really.

I am including all of the pattern and yarn information because when I don't include it I get asked:) I was mainly taking the extra shots to include on the Ravelry page for the hat.

Okay, have a great Wednesday, Knitters! It's a busy one.
best, susie