Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Ebb Cowl & Scarves, Etc. 2013 Now Available!

(photo from Quince & Co.)
Hi, Knitters,
I am thrilled to say that the Quince & Co. Scarves, Etc. 2013 ebook has just been released.  You can purchase the entire book of 17 patterns or you can purchase the patterns individually through Quince & Co.

(photo from Quince & Co.)
I am hosting a knitalong for the Ebb Cowl that starts anytime from today, March 5th through April 30th. You can join in anytime, there is no cut-off date. Let me know if you are joining on the Ravelry thread for the knitalong. If you are not on Ravelry let me know and I will help you sign up. There will be prize drawings and general fun along the way.

I am also putting up a general Scarves, Etc. 2013 Knitalong finished project thread on my group board. This is for anyone who knits any design from Scarves, Etc. 2013! You have to post a finished picture of the project in this thread before April 30th, 2013. You will be eligible for prize drawings. 

If you knit the Ebb Cowl you can enter in the Ebb Knitalong AND the Scarves, Etc. Finished project threads, doubling your chances of winning.

Paula of Knitting Pipeline is hosting a knitalong for Gill's Rock (click here!) and Diane of the Knitabulls podcast is hosting a knitalong (click here!) for Gill's Rock or Piper's Journey (Paula's design from last year's Scarves, Etc. ebook). 

I hope to see you on the Ebb Cowl Knitalong! We'll have a great time together and I will gather some fantastic prize drawings as well!

Now for some home photos.....

I originally made the Ebb Cowl in the Storm colorway of Quince & Co.'s Lark (which is a worsted weight yarn that is held doubled for the cowl). I made it in the medium size. There are 4 sizes available for the Ebb Cowl. Right after I made this cowl I saw that Quince had an open submission for the Scarves, Etc. collection so I threw the cowl into the hat.

Quince loved my design!

I quickly received more yarn to make another cowl in a dramatic teal colorway called Peacock. This yarn just glows with color. It is so deep and rich. I think it is my favorite new color. Quince does a spectacular job with color and quality amongst many other things.

Now I'll speed things up a bit!

Here is the unblocked Ebb cowl. 

A much larger photo of the unblocked Ebb Cowl. It squishes all together because it is mainly a rib stitch pattern.

I gave it a lukewarm bath along with some Soak Wash.

Next I vigorously stretched out the cowl on my blocking boards. You need to really give it a good stretch to get the full effect of the stitch pattern.


Up close drying. It's so pretty.

Setting the drying scene for you......

Above is the blocked and dried Ebb Cowl in Storm. It is a beautiful medium gray. This color is so versatile.

The cowl is completely reversible. This is the reverse side which is really cool looking as well.

I just love the two cowls together. 

I can never get over how soft and squishy the Quince & Co. wool becomes after blocking. The bounce and spring and squoosh is unbelievable.

The medium size is just right to wear wrapped once or twice for a cozier fit.

Love it! This is the extra-large size wrapped twice around my neck.

This is the medium-size cowl wrapped around once.

I hope you enjoy the Ebb Cowl pattern from Quince & Co.!

I am really excited about this new design.
best, susie