Saturday, November 01, 2008

And Goodnight

Hi Knitters,
It's over. Another Halloween has past and this year it was a little different. Our night involved a lot of kids in and out of the house, big groups of kids in physical size and numbers, pizza, second rounds of trick-or-treating, late night burritos, sleep-overs, drop-offs and pick-ups. Phew. My kids are getting older and it just gets busier and busier. I love every minute of it. It was close to 70 degrees out during the day, unheard of, the kids didn't have to bundle up for trick-or-treating which was perfect. 
Here is the designated goo scooper. She is a good sport, her brothers don't enjoy the cleaning out part of pumpkin carving so she does it for them. That's pretty good service with a smile.

I have no fun knitting projects of my own to share today. I am still furiously working away on a few last book projects that were added. However, I do have some great knitting links to share. 
Here they are:
Another use for the Pear-Apple Cozy, I love this one.
Here are some really cool mittens made by a fantastic knitter.
Check out this version. I will get back to my version very soon.
She is a great knitter. I loooove this.

Have a good, restful weekend. The rest of mine will be filled with trying to finish up these last projects for the book. I think I can finish one more project by Monday, that's my goal at least. We'll see.
best, susie