Tuesday, August 05, 2008

I've Met My Match

Hi Knitters,
Well, it has happened. I have met my match. Let me tell you a little story. At about 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon my youngest daughter and I started a craft project. We were completely inspired at Anthology when looking into a couple of altered book projects that were on the shelf. When we got home we found a couple of old hardcover books that had already been read. We decided to use these to make our own altered books. After pulling out tons of supplies I innocently sat down with my daughter to start.
We both started with the covers, front and back. (The book I am sharing today is my altered book, I will share her book when she is done.) Next we dug into those inner pages with a vengeance. We stapled, mod podged, painted, punched, tied ribbons, braided, fringed, wove, cut, glued, drew, stuck, wrote, and ric-racked. The hours started flying by.
I suddenly realized that my husband was home from work. We were so entranced that no dinner plan had even crossed my mind. My daughter showed no sign of slowing down, not even slightly. I didn't even have a hint at the kind of brutal crafting night that was in store for me.
Here she is looking all cute and sweet but lurking inside this little body is the crafting strength, endurance and attention span that could rival any serious crafter out there. My husband found a frozen baked ziti and quickly popped it in the oven when he saw the shear determination of this mother/daughter crafting team at work on the kitchen table. He knew there was no stopping either of us.
I knew I needed to finish my book last night and I wouldn't stop until it was done. I shouldn't even be doing anything else but knitting and writing but how can I resist a request from a crafter of this caliber. It was about 7pm when she stopped for a quick serving of baked ziti. I plugged straight through, skipping dinner. It was a marathon or more like the iron man.
I became dehydrated and starving at about 10pm and I had to call it quits. It had become truly rough at this point. When I told her she was one brutal crafter, she just laughed. I made a quick grilled cheese and chugged down a big glass of water before crawling off to bed. I left behind my crafting partner in crime still working away at the kitchen table. I walked up the stairs thinking that I have finally been beat. I have crazy stamina when I get going on a project. In fact, I have not met many who can keep up with me purely in the endurance department when it comes to crafting.

My day has come.
I am officially passing the torch.

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Now, I gotta go rest up for my next challenge. This is going to be an interesting one, this girl of mine. Phew.

best, susie
p.s. Altered books are really cool and fun. You should give it a try.