Friday, December 21, 2007

Question, Question on Make, Make

Hi Knitters,
Today I should be saying, "Hi Crocheters." I have a question for any crochet experts out there. I am having a difficult time understanding the translated English instructions for the crochet part of this kit. It is a Japanese kit.
I have the bottom assembled and I get the gist of the crochet roof of the house but let me give you an example of the written instruction. I love to crochet but I have never come across instructions like these before.
You start with a ring for the top point of the roof and and you have 4 single crochets in the ring. The whole roof is single crochet. So it goes like this:
Row 1: 4
Row 2: 6+2
Row 3: 8+2
Row 4: 10+2
...and so on. There is also a diagram provided with lots of x's and rounds in a tiny circle. It is confusing to me. I understand you are increasing in each row but is there a logic to it or do you just throw in 2 extra stitches as you go? I am thinking that's what you do.
If you get a quick moment, let me know what you think. I was considering making up my own knitted roof, that would be the easy way out. It is turning out pretty cute, I really like the house so far. I think I will stick with the single crocheted roof and not knit it.
Crocheters to the rescue! (please?)
best, susie
*Look at this. I wonder what it says...