Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cool Stuff

Hi Knitters,
This has to be fast and furious, too much work for me and too little time. I have so much to share with you. I am in the midst of editing and nearing my last little bit to get organized today and send on back to my trusty editor, Trent, at Artisan tomorrow. The book is shaping up very well and I heard yesterday that the cover shot and design has been selected. I can't wait to see it. It's all pretty exciting. 

Imagine my dismay when I opened up my email a couple days ago and I saw an email from Susan Duckworth. I had to rub my eyes, grab my glasses and check my pulse. To refresh your memory and mine, I had to go back to this post. She saw this. Yes, Susan Duckworth is the author of the book that started me on my knitting obsession back in the 1980's. When I see an email from the author of the book that changed my life, it is surreal in a way that I can't describe. Susan wrote that she loved my blog post and the comments and that she is still going strong. Her site is here and it is beautiful. I wrote her back and I thanked her for changing the course of my life forever through her work. Was that too much? I hope not. Who ever could have dreamed that would happen to me? It is enough to last me a long while.

Yesterday I was trying to avoid knitting at all costs so I would simply sit and read and edit. However, knitting is literally like breathing for me, I can't possibly go a day without any or a lot of it included. It is like when I try to diet, I only want to eat more. I rolled up my new skein of Mountain Colors River Twist and started this beautiful scarf pattern. You may like the pattern, too. The yarn is fantastic, the pattern is easy and fun. And that's all I knitted yesterday, that's not too much but enough to make me feel better. Can you relate to that or is it just me?
The other day while knitting with my Girl Scout bunch I finished up the first Noro Kureyon Sock yarn sock. I am in love and I already started the second sock. This is how I have been walking around my house. The sock is pretty, my look is not. My kids just shake their heads as I walk on by. Do I care? nope. Note the recorder and the Nerf shooter in the photo, this shot sums it up around here. It's a miracle I get any work done.
My sweet bag sewers/geniuses are getting some cool nationwide publicity in Crochet Today, the current issue.  It's the SewBendy bags! I have been touting these fantastic, handmade, reasonably priced bags for awhile now. I own more than I am willing to share, it's a little embarrassing. Every sewbendy bag I have is crammed full with a small project just waiting to jump on my wrist as I go out the door or to carry around the house. For a long time I kept one bag in my car at all times with a sock project going. I have to do that again.
When I see prints like pears and sweet peas I can't resist. I try to wait it out and then when I check back and the bags I want are still there I think it is fate and I have to get them. I am only being kind to give them a home, right?
I still can't get over the sweet pea bag. It was meant for me, I am sure of it. The graphic print on outside is only rivaled by the small pea pod print on the inside. The bags are gems and treats. If you have any inkling, you should get one. They are meticulously sewn, there is a snap loop feature to hold your yarn, keys, needles, etc. and a pocket on the inside. The bags are perfect. There are two styles. The pear bag is the knit/tuck and the sweet pea bag is the knit ditty. Go for it!
Back to this now. Oy. Decisions, decisions. You'd all like to see more project patterns than basic instructions, right? That's what I'm leaning towards and I hope you'll agree. Let me know what you think on this subject. There will still be techniques/instructions in the book and lots of them. I know that I always skip the instruction section in the books I get and go straight to the patterns...

Gotta go! Yikes.
best, susie