Monday, June 04, 2012

Beautiful Sister

Hi Knitters,
My beautiful sister had a birthday yesterday. I love making her things because she always appreciates them so much. In fact, she is the queen of immediately wearing whatever anyone gives her. When our kids were little she would proudly wear a big macaroni necklace from one of the kids wherever we were going. When TC would make her something like a bookmark, her instant and sincere response was, "I was just looking for a bookmark, I really needed a new one." She always knows the perfect thing to say to make your gift seem important and valued. My mom and I used to think that was so sweet and funny.

Also going on last night, my sister's talented singer/actress daughter was performing at a huge show, The Tommy's, at the Overture Center in Madison. Her daughter won a couple of Tommy awards but even more so, she won a national competition in which the award is an all paid for travel and week in New York City where she will get to sing on a Broadway stage and take master musical theater classes. And as if that wasn't enough, the selected winner of this week in New York receives a full scholarship to NYU, runners up win scholarships for their colleges. It's all so exciting and I am a proud aunt.

When we arrived at the show last night I passed my sister's birthday gift down the row of seats. I thought she would open it later but she opened it as we sat waiting for the show to begin. My sister reads my blog and had commented on how much she loved my Piper's Journey Shawl. As soon as she said that, I knew what her gift would be. I would give her my Piper's Journey Shawl, I had only worn it a couple of times at that point. I added a simple pewter stick shawl pin to the shawl and wrapped it up.

You can see that she loves it and yes, as expected, she immediately put it on to wear for the show. The photo I snapped on my phone is not great, but she is great and you can see that clear as day. I took two photos of her with my phone and each time after we burst out laughing. I can't explain why but we did.

My sister and I have lived quite a life together with many ups and many downs surrounding us throughout the years but one thing never changes, my love for her. I am her biggest supporter and cheerleader and she is mine. Every time I talk to her I feel like our mom is there with us, we don't ever have to say anything, we just know.

So today, here's to my beautiful sister!
best, susie