Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter Fairy Wishes

Hi Knitters,
We are socked in once again with a winter storm that added about a foot of snow overnight. No school, no work and lots of shoveling for today. The Collector has been at work planning and collecting for her winter fairy house. Today is the day for the new home to come to life.
She pulled a sled out of a small snow mound on the side of our house and it left the perfect hole. You can't see the depth of the hole but it goes in about a foot or two from the entrance. I had a few little ornaments at the bottom of some boxes in the basement and couple of old bows left from wreathes I had saved. She was thrilled with these items. She gathered the pine branches at the tree farm a couple of weeks ago. 
She is proudest of the archway entrance and how she lined the arch with the branches. At her beckoning, I bundled up, threw on my old boots and trudged through the snow to see her newest creation. Hidden in the back of the house she made a little bed or more like a nest of pine needles for the fairy to sleep on.  

It is a magical time of year so hopefully this little girl's wishes for a fairy will come true. 
Just to give you a visual of the amounts of snow we are already dealing with, check out our mailbox. That mountain of snow to the right is at the end of our driveway. This morning I saw two people cross-country skiing down our street, probably to get to work. We are on course for having the snowiest December in Wisconsin's weather history. It is something. When you live in Madison, the weather is always doing something interesting and we like to talk about it, a lot. 

Stay toasty and fire up those teapots and your needles, Knitters, winter is here to stay.
best, susie