Tuesday, August 18, 2009

An All-Purpose Skirt

Hi Knitters,
Since The Collector slept, once again, in her new skirt I sewed about a week ago, I had her stand still for a quick snapshot when she woke up this morning. How convenient is that being dressed for the day just by crawling out of bed? Oh to be a kid...

The skirt is a good all-purpose skirt because you can wear it, sleep in it, play (hard) in it and you could even dress it up if the occasion ever arose, which it usually doesn't around these parts. The pattern for the skirt is by Indygo Junction and it is called, Girly Gored Skirt IJ829. I bought the pattern and fabric here. The size range is for 2-10 year olds but it is generous sizing and could be easily modified for even bigger sizes. You really go by measurements.

The Collector picked out 4 different cotton fabrics all by herself. You don't need much of any one print. She especially likes the panel (look above) on the right front with the dotted swirls. It's called Fairy Dust. Of course.
The skirt has an elastic waist which I could have cinched in a bit more before stitching it closed but it's okay for now. I'll probably open up the seam and fix that when I get a chance. The flair at the bottom makes for good swirling action. (Don't you love that ratty hair? I do.) What a simple, well-written pattern. This is my first sewn garment. I am pretty pleased if I do say so myself:)

I love the sewing so much. I am becoming slightly obsessed I'm afraid. I am longing to finish the quilt I started last month. I am so close to being done. The renovation and work have sidelined me for the time being.
As soon as this house project is done, that old quilt project is coming out in full force. In fact, I saw this quilt project yesterday and am nearly having a heart attack about it. That quilt is making me long to finish my first quilt and make another one just like this and fast. I love the quilted lines and how they are not exactly measured and straight. That is my kind of quilting.

Here is the new dusty unfinished wood floor in the kitchen. The wood really warms the room up. My girls are having fun with this big empty room for the moment. Along with their neighbor friends yesterday and well into the night, the kitchen became a stage. There was dancing and costume and pageantry galore. It was pretty funny stuff and it literally went on for hours. The littlest neighbor, who is 6, started calling at 7:30 a.m. this morning to restart the action with my girls again this morning. They were game but had to move the "show" outside because of the construction.
After I took the other kitchen shot I then turned to my right and saw this lonely sight. This pretty much sums the kitchen situation up, a lone toaster oven set up on a gardening bench. I need not say more.

Have a super-duper Tuesday, Knitters. I have loads of knitting work to do, a doctor's appointment for my ongoing rotten and painful heel issue (plantar fasciitis). Ouch! And last but not least, I am meeting up with Allegra Wermuth, who is in town, and who is one of the founders of Petite Purls. That should be fun.

One last thing, this new free pattern should be up and available for download in a couple of days if you are interested.

Bleh, that's it!
best, susie