Sunday, July 22, 2018

Mermaids ~ new pattern release!

Hi, Knitters,
I hope you are doing well. We are having a rainshower-filled weekend, very off and on. We had dinner at Evan and Molly's house last night. Along with his brother and dad, he built a new deck on the side of his 100-year-old house and we tested it out with a cookout. They strung white lights and he found a small picnic table for free and he built two benches to go along with it. It is all kind of cozy and perfect. We enjoyed each other, as always, and shared a delicious meal and fun stories. The rain held off until right after dinner where we went inside to chat more and some watched the last inning of the Brewer's game. All in all, it was a successful summer night.

Well, I have a new pattern for you. I have been thinking about knitting a mermaid pattern for a long time, years in fact. I don't know why I didn't ever get around to it until now but I am glad I finally did. I really like the results!

There are Mermaids Kits available on Barrett Wool Co. with lots of options to make one or all three and there is a Mystery Item that can be added to your kit, as well. This item is a useful tool that goes along with the kit. I think you will love it. 

The Ravelry pattern for Mermaids is on discount right now through July 27th, 2018. The pattern price is set at $3.50, no code needed. After that it will be priced at $5.00. 

The Mermaids are knit with our Home Fingering Weight yarn.

Here is the Mermaids pattern information that might be of interest:
Beaches, waves, warm sunshine and of course, Mermaids! In these warm beachy months of summer it seemed the right time to create an adorable trio of Mermaids. These little mermaid dolls are knit seamlessly from the bottom-up with the arms, fins, ears and crown being picked up and knit on. The instructions provide exact placement for all of the appendages and eyes and instructional photos are included to help along the way. There is a necklace of pearls (or maybe French knots!) embroidered on afterward and there is a video tutorial link for this technique included in the pattern.
Instructions include simple guidelines for making a Merman, if interested.
I hope you enjoy knitting these lovely little Mermaids. They make for a joyful set!
Finished measurements 
9-inches tall
Barrett Wool Co.’s Home Fingering Weight (100% American Wool; 370 yards 338m / 100 grams). Samples use the following colors:
Mermaid #1: 
Hair color: Wishing Well (blue)
Bikini, Fin and Crown: Priscilla 
Skin Color: Bear 
Tail Color: Wood Violet
Mermaid #2: 
Hair color: Priscilla (pink)
Bikini, Fin and Crown: Wood Violet 
Skin Color: James 
Tail Color: Wishing Well
Mermaid #3: 
Hair color: Wood Violet (purple)
Bikini, Fin and Crown: Wishing Well 
Skin Color: Tattersall 
Tail Color: Priscilla
US size 3 (3.25mm) double-pointed needles
6mm safety eyes (2) 
Dark pink embroidery floss for mouth 
Polyester fiberfill
7.5 sts per inch /9 rows per inch in stockinette stitch

My favorite part of seamless toy knitting is working that final stitch and having the toy be completed in that instant! That is a satisfying moment. 

The Mermaids Kit is really adorable! If you give the kit a try, I hope you really enjoy it. 

One last thing I want to mention is the necklace in the photo above. My longtime friend Sheri and her daughter Whitnie are making these necklaces called We Are One. Part of the profits is donated to Global Giving. You can get We Are One stamped in your language of choice. I have purchased several of these for family members and I have my own. I chose Spanish as the language, Somos Uno. I loved it because at that family dinner last night we were all wearing our We Are One necklaces and I felt the sentiment was true, near and far. 

Have a great week ahead. I appreciate you all so much, Knitters.
xo ~ susan