Sunday, April 25, 2010

Whistle While You Work

Hi Knitters,
I posted this on my other blog Spud says! and I think it is so fun that I am going to post it here as well. My son helped me set up a video shoot while I worked on stitching the Dream Catcher Baby Blanket together (the free blanket pattern will be pulled together in a couple of days so please be patient:).

In the different scenes, shot over several days, I am talking to various people hanging out in the kitchen with me, chewing gum in a couple of shots (unfortunately), signing TC's permission slips and sipping on coffee and water. The video is so fast, about 3 minutes, that you have to look hard to see anything other than my hands flying.

The one thing my kids were laughing about is how crazy fast my working hands look. I said this on Spud says! too, but my wish would be to have hands that worked that fast. Could you imagine the productivity? If only...

The song is Jack Johnson, my son's favorite artist, singing You and Your Heart, if you are interested. It is my new favorite song on my ipod and I requested he use it for the video.

best, susie