Friday, June 01, 2012


Hi Knitters,
Well, this week has most certainly gotten away from me. I was planning a couple posts but the time flew by and I've had so much knitting to get done and then there's that fantastic Patchwork Sockalong that is going like gangbusters and needs tending to. I didn't get to the posts but I know you'll understand.

Click here to see some of the finished Patchwork Socks from the knitalong! It's pretty amazing.

I did get to taking a couple of quick photos of TC and her little buddy (our neighbor) who is like the little sister TC never had. Little Buddy is about 4 years younger than TC and they are friends to the end. In fact, the girls have a yodel they yell out the back door and if the yodel is returned by the neighbor friend they run into the other's yard. It is really funny and cute and it beats a cell phone by a mile in my opinion.

It seems like this is the time of year where the word almost is in almost every sentence. We're almost done with school, summer is almost here, finals are almost here, the weather is almost warm enough to swim, the sun sets at almost 9pm, the pool is almost open with regular hours, swim team is almost starting, graduation is almost a week away.... You get the picture.

And yes, I do have another son graduating from high school this year. It is a bittersweet time for us. I have to start imagining having two sons going off to college next fall and when I do I quickly push it to the back of my mind. Only two girls at home next year? I don't have to think about it quite yet. I still have a couple of months of contentment. I am a homebody and therefore I like it when all of my chicks are in the nest but I know it can't stay that way forever. Of course I want them to go on and have fabulous lives (but not too far away). I really am proud of all of them, my kids and my siblings' kids. They are a cool bunch to follow.

Little fairies were sprinkled about TC's fairy garden this afternoon. The girls worked on this for quite awhile after school. I'll take some photos soon to share the fairy garden in all its glory. It is quite sweet back there. TC has been planting flowers and ferns and ground cover. We have to re-do her bird bath fairy gardens soon. Click here to see her birdbath fairy gardens from last summer.

The day ended with fairy sprinkling in the garden and a popsicle in a sunny hammock. Honestly, the other thing you can't beat besides a backyard yodel is a pair of printed tights with a comfy dress.

It all sounds pretty good to me.

I'll be back soon with some fun knitting stuff, I promise!

Happy weekend, dear Knitters.
best, susie