Thursday, April 08, 2010

How to Knit a Love Song Giveaway!

The giveaway is now closed, April 13th, 2010!!! Thanks to everyone who entered.

Hi Knitters,
On my vacation I read a couple of novels. The first one I read is called, How to Knit a Love Song, by Rachael Herron. You may have heard of Rachael before in the knitting world because she writes the popular knitting blog called, Yarnagogo. She is a genuine knitter and you can tell that through her book. The knitting and knitter's lifestyle is craftily woven throughout the book without being clumsy or forced.

The fictional story is set on a California sheep ranch. Cade, the resident rancher, is taking care of the land and sheep for his great aunt who has moved off to a retirement community. He wants to someday own the land himself and continue to run the ranch. Eliza Carpenter, the great aunt, just happens to be a beloved knitting guru (think Elizabeth Zimmerman and you'll have a clear picture). While Eliza is at the retirement home she meets the young and beautiful Abigail through knitting. Eliza becomes Abigail's knitting mentor. Abigail's knitting career takes off due to Eliza's guidance. They are fast friends. Abigail becomes a knitting book author and gives all of the credit to Eliza.

When Eliza passes away she leaves a small cottage and the surrounding land to Abigail. The small cottage and land happen to be a part of the bigger sheep ranch that Cade inherits at Eliza's passing. Abigail is saddened by the loss of her friend and mentor but is happy to leave a tumultuous life behind and move to the cottage to write and knit in peace. She knows nothing much about Cade and vice versa.

When Abigail shows up to claim her cottage and land, Cade is nothing short of angry about his new land co-owner. Then all chaos breaks loose!

The book has twists and turns and although you might be able to figure out who will be standing at the end it is still fun getting there. There is adventure, romance, story-telling, knitting and good old-fashioned fun in these pages.

Let me warn you though, it is a romance novel. There are definitely steamy scenes sprinkled throughout the book. This book is R rated for sure. It is not for kids in any way, shape or form. My blog is usually G rated and squeaky clean so that is why I want to put out this warning!

I really enjoyed reading How to Knit a Love Song. I especially love it because it is written by a blogger and a knitter who I have known (in the blogging sense) for years. It has touched me to hear and see how excited and proud Rachael is of her book.

Congratulations to Rachael. I loved your book and recommend it to anyone who loves a good romance novel and knitting. You don't even have to be a knitter to enjoy it. It is a light, fun and fast read. It was hard to put down once I started.

I emailed Rachael to ask if I could hold a giveaway for a copy of How to Knit a Love Song on my blog. I actually asked for her publicist's email but Rachael offered to sponsor the giveaway herself! Since she is sending out the book to the winner she offered to sign the book as well! How cool is that?

Leave a comment on this post to win a signed copy of How to Knit a Love Song! Please only enter once, leave an identifying something on the comment (name, link, ravelry id, email)! This makes it easier for me to contact the winner to get a mailing address. I will pick a winner in a few days or so. I will then post the winning comment so be sure to check back.

Enter quick! You will love it!
Good luck!
best, susie
p.s. There is a sweater pattern included at the end. Abigail knits a sweater throughout the story and then you get the pattern for the same sweater!
p.p.s. Rachael has done 2 podcast interviews that I have listened to: Knitcast and The Knitmore Girls. They are both wonderful interviews!