Saturday, April 04, 2009

Hop Along

Hi Knitters,
To thank my baby model I decided to whip up a Bunny hat for her last night. The pattern is in my first book. You know, I made up this pattern probably 5-6 years ago or longer at this point and there have been so many patterns in between, I had to pull out my book to remember what I had done.

Last night I watched the movie Night at the Museum with my girls and my husband while I knitted. That is a great movie! My favorite in the movie is Dick Van Dyke. I love him always. If you are watching Night at the Museum you have to see Dick Van Dyke dance during the credits. It is the absolute best thing ever. It reminds you of him in his younger years and how completely magnetic he is. Whoever let him dance like that and snuck it into the movie is a true genius. Awesome. (I love the word snuck.)
I was reminded as I worked that, as always, knitting a quick baby hat is one of the best projects ever, if not the best. There is literally nothing better in my eyes. In a few hours you have created something adorable, usable, easy, fun and in the end it will be appreciated by the recipient. Baby hats are sooo good.

There are 399 versions of the Bunny Tail hat posted on ravelry at this point. Check it out here if you are interested.
Knitting the bunny hat makes me long to come up with a new baby hat book or something along those lines. I am going down a different path for my next project already but I am promising myself that I will return to the baby hat at some point in the near future. I think it would be so fun to come up with a new collection after all of these years. Maybe another baby hat collection and then an older child hat collection. Hmmm....
Okay, I used Blue Sky Cotton in Shell #606 and I found some chocolatey brown silk ribbon to tie around the ears.  I have no idea what that ribbon is or where it came from. This hat is a perfect beginner project in that it uses the exact same skills for making a simple baby hat, nothing new at all.

One more quick note, the ravelry group Itty-Bitty Knits is having an Itty-Bitty Hats knitalong, which is brilliant. Every month they are knitting one to two hats out of the book until every hat in the book has been completed. There is a schedule posted to look at and there are quite a few people knitting hats already. This Itty-Bitty Knits group is a truly nice group of supportive knitters. I really mean that. The group organizes monthly charity knitting sponsored by one member per month for their choice for a charity organization. This is an incredible part of the group. 

The Itty-Bitty Hats knitalong (KAL) is really open to your own interpretation and you can jump in or out whenever need be, it's flexible. If you are interested you should check it out. If you are not interested in the knitalong, it is only a small part of the group, so if you aren't a member I hope you join in general. I check out the forum every day to answer any questions that pop up and to join in the fun. 

I had to laugh when someone first brought up the Itty-Bitty Hats knitalong because I felt like I wanted to join in. They were asking if anyone had ever knit all of the hats in the book. Then I had to stop and realize that I had already knit all of the hats in the book. Too funny. It's strange how removed you can feel from your own work at some point. 

Anyway, have a wonderful Saturday. Hopefully you will all get a chance to knit today.
best, susie
p.s. I am taking a vacation next week from the blog for some family time. If you place a pattern order I may get a chance to send your pattern next week. If not, I will get it out right away as soon as I am back on my trusty computer. Fear not!