Wednesday, April 14, 2010

California Time

Hi Knitters,
My oldest son made this video for my husband and me as a thank you for our recent trip to California. It is really fun the way he pieced the vacation together and set it to music. It is just under 7 minutes long. Don't feel like you have to watch it, I won't even know either way. I love this little trip video though.

If you do watch the video there are a couple things of interest to point out, when we were in Hollywood we drove around in Beverly Hills to look at the fancy houses. We came across the house where Michael Jackson last lived. Peachy is a Michael Jackson fan so we stopped at this house so she could get a photo. That's what those huge black gates are. There were tour buses everywhere and lots of people around. It was weird. The other thing is that when we were walking in Hollywood and looking at the stars on the sidewalk, the only star with people around it taking photos was Michael Jackson's star. There was a group around it at all times.

Along the Pacific Coast Highway we got such a kick out of my husband's fascination with Bixby's Bridge. There is a photo of my husband and me in front of the bridge at the end of the video. I had never heard him talk about it before but he knew all kinds of facts and stories about the bridge. Who knew? We also came across this secluded beach area that was packed full of seals (or are those sea lions? anyone?). My second son, he is 16, is always the one who has to get right up next to or in the middle of any situation. I was nervous to get too close but he just loved those seals.
In Palm Springs we stayed at a really cool 1950's style but modernized house. It is called the Oscar Mayer house. This house was owned at one time by Oscar Mayer, the b-o-l-o-g-n-a guy! It was amazing and roomy and we loved the pool. We all spent hours in the pool every day. The water was very warm. Everything was streamlined and low to the ground which was so different than San Francisco.
I loved this entire house but my favorite room? Now don't laugh, the sunny, gigantic laundry room! After days of travel with three teens, one husband and a 10-year-old, I had tons of laundry to do. I fell in love with this laundry room. I would love to have a nice laundry room at home. It would make this task so much easier take. Laundry is pure drudgery and it is by far my least favorite category of housework. With this big, bright sunny room I found myself happily folding and throwing in load after load. I was even humming at times. If only this room could have come home with me.
Thanks for taking a little timeout with me today. If you look real close you'll see TC in the left pool corner with her book propped up on the side of the pool so she could read and swim at the same time. She spent a lot of time like this and it looks pretty good to me.
Enjoy the rest of your day, sweet Knitters.
best, susie