Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Santa's Home

Hi Knitters,
Quick update:
Santa hat is a big hit.
Brown hoodie has reappeared and  lives on!
Hmm. Hmm.
best, susie

Ho, Ho

Hi Knitters,
I needed a little typing reprieve this morning. As a result The Collector has a new hat. I finally, after 3 years of wanting, knitted up this gorgeous Santa Hat. I reviewed the pattern in the last post and episode 2 of the Itty Bitty Podcast. It is a great pattern, super fast and has an adorable result in the end.

Kathy Pasusta designed the Santa Hat (pg. 111) for the book, Handknit Holidays. The recommended yarn is Blue Sky Worsted Hand Dyes in red and Blue Sky Bulky in polar bear. It is knit on size 9 double points and 16-inch circulars for the red at 4 sts per inch and size 11-16 inch circulars for the brim.
Here is what I did. I used the red #66 Manos Wool Classica that I just got for the Just Enough Ruffles scarf. Oh well on that. The hat seemed more important to get done. Then, did you know that if you double a heavy worsted it becomes the same as a bulky weight yarn? I doubled (held two strands together) some Blue Sky Cotton in Tulip #615 for the brim.

I found a couple of errors in the pattern. I didn't check for corrections anywhere but I am sure they are out there. I am thinking about making a couple of these more for my nieces. I will change several things for my next versions. I will make the top a little longer so it is more like a stocking hat. My daughter was disappointed that it wasn't floppier on top. She adores the hat and wanted to wear it to school but I wasn't quite done. She literally jumped up and down when she tried it on.

I made the child size/small. I think for the next version I will make the woman/medium size. It seems a bit tight. I already added several rounds onto the bulky brim so it would be longer but it still could use some length. Next time I may add some straight length on the red at the bottom before you jump right into the decrease rounds. The other thing I did was to line the hat with some off-white fleece. It is such a good touch. Is anyone interested in a tutorial on hat lining? Maybe I will photo the process for the next hat and share. 

I looove the hat. I have a thing for bulky weight bobbles They are fun and beautiful when used correctly like on this brim. I had this great idea. I used 2 size 11 dpns to work the bobbles, then just placed the remaining stitch back on the circular. It was the best thing ever. It made that one "make bobble" round go so much smoother. That one round took as much time as making the rest of the hat.

I'll take a shot of The Collector in her hat when she gets home from school. 

Okay, Knitters, I have to get 2 more patterns in the can today and grocery shop for Thanksgiving. Have a fantastic holiday weekend.

I'm out.
best, susie
p.s. Remember the brown hoodie with the sherpa lining from mini-boden? Already lost. Hmm, hmm.