Wednesday, August 27, 2008

P. o. A.

Hi Knitters,
When my husband and I were in college we had this group of friends. The father of one of the friends would always come in and ask, "What's the P.o.A.?" You know, the Plan of Action. I always thought that was so funny, he is the only one I ever heard use that abbreviation. Nowadays everything is abbreviated for texting, I guess, but back then it wasn't like that. So I am deep into my P.o.A. for when I finish knitting the projects for my book. I think I have about 3 or 4 more to go for the book and even though that doesn't sound too bad it is still a lot of work ahead.

Do you see any exhaust fumes coming off of the yarn above? I started working at 4am yesterday morning to complete and write the pattern for a 3 toy set for Blue Sky Alpacas. I happily sent the toys off to Minnesota yesterday afternoon. What a good feeling. I love the Blue Sky ads in the knitting mags so I can't wait to see this one. Hopefully I will remember to look around for it when it comes out. If you see it and I don't, please mention it to me. You'll know the toys are mine when you see them. I think it is supposed to be in their winter collection so by then I know it will be gone out of my brain.

I really do forget things and I am not proud of that fact. When I woke up this morning I thought it was yesterday morning. This wouldn't be so bad only I had an appointment yesterday and I thought yesterday was today. Are you following? I lost a day this week and a doctor's appointment. Believe me this isn't the first time this has happened. When you think yesterday is today you end up having to call and apologize for missed appointments. That is embarrassing and not fun. I don't recommend it. I don't think I am losing it, I think it is more that I have so much to remember that it doesn't all fit in my head. It helps to keep a calendar but then you have to remember to look at it. Enough.
As I was digging around for yarn for my extensive knitting P.o.A., I found this little gem I made a few years ago for a store sample. This booklet for Jaeger (2004), by Martin Storey, is a winner. Every pattern is wonderful. I don't know if you can still get this one anymore, I treasure my copy. Anyway, just thought I'd share this cute, teeny-tiny raglan with you. It's never been worn so I think I will save it for some special baby. I noticed that I left the pockets off. A newborn baby doesn't need side pockets, right?
Back to my P.o.A, this luscious scarf and hat set, by the talented Tanis Gray, is in the winter 2007/'o8 issue of Vogue Knitting. This is the only pattern from this issue that I was interested in knitting. It is made in cashmere in the magazine so I just hadn't pursued finding a substitute yarn. I looked up the yarn the sample is made in but it was something like $59 a skein. It would be between $2oo to $300 to make if you used that yarn. I had forgotten about it when I saw this exact pattern and scarf in progress out on the table at Newbury Yarns in Boston. The woman working at the shop was making the set out of Reynolds Andean Alpaca Regal, a three-ply bulky alpaca yarn, and it was gorgeous. I had to join in. This is definitely on the top of the P.o.A. I could wear it this winter.
The newest Fall 2008 issue of Vogue Knitting is one of the best issues ever put out in my opinion. Congrats to the hard working people at Vogue for a spectacular issue. There are so many patterns in here that I would love to make starting with Mari Muinonen's Yellow Harvest mittens. My P.o.A. just got longer. These beauties are made out of 2 skeins of Manos del Uruguay which I happen to have in the lovely Blush pink colorway #17. Vogue directs you to their site to print out the charts they have available in pdf format. I think this is a smart way to go about the space issue. Don't you just love those mittens? I'll be sure to hold my hands like just like the model when I finish. I guess it is hard to come up with different poses when modeling mittens. I love that pose. It is the same pose on the cover, too.
I don't think I will make these just like in the picture but I sure could look at them all day long. I think I might make a shorter version, leaving off the long cuffs and poms. Then they would be more practical for me. That embroidery is deadly good. They are knit in Julia by the always fantastic Kristin Nicholas. She was asked to create some over-the-top mittens and she achieved greatness. I think this could have easily been the cover shot. They probably had a difficult time deciding the cover with all of the stunning patterns in here. I want to make the cover mittens, too.
Okay, I mentioned this sweater in the last post briefly. When I leafed through the magazine I paid no attention to the Aran Wrap Cardigan. Then I saw this blog post and followed the link and then I was convinced that I had to knit this sweater in the near future. You really have to look at the difference the desiger's photos make when looking at the sweater. It is remarkable. The designer is Angela Hahn and she came up with a detailed and beautiful design that looks incredibly fun to knit. Congrats.

I dug around and found this Rowan Magpie Aran (I don't think Rowan produces this yarn anymore) just hanging about and sure enough I am just a bit short for the yardage. I am still going to use it because I am short and I have short arms so often times I shorten things up anyway. That's a lot of short. What can you do? I think I can make it work with the Magpie. Hey, Angela also has posted a list that offers substitute yarn ideas if you are interested.
I'll leave you today with some serious fairy drawing we are working on over here and my Opal #1702 socks in progress. It's funny because I thought all of the stripes would be even but the red stripe is extra long. I love surprises.

Bye for now. I have some rescheduling of appointments today on my P.o.A. Bummer.
best, susie
p.s. Another thing I keep forgetting is that the Itty-Bitty Nursery Trunk Show Tour is now at:

Threadbare Fiber Arts Studios


319 S. Waverly Road

Lansing, MI 48917


Arrive: August 21

Depart: September 2

Stop by if you get a chance.