Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Old Friends

Hi Knitters,
The new pair of Noro Kureyon Sock Yarn (color # S182) socks I just finished are sure to become an old friend of mine. I already love them to death. They are comfy and beautiful and warm just like an old friend should be. 

I casted on 64 stitches, worked on US size 2 dpns, ribbed in k2, p2 for eight rounds and completed the rest of the sock in stockinette stitch. Plain stockinette stitch socks like these are still my favorite to wear but they aren't always the most fun to knit. It can get a little, well, plain. They are a fast knit though so that is good. The yarn is spectacular.
Speaking of old friends I want to tell you about a couple of friends of mine who have started blogs. The first is a dear, sweet friend of mine, Laura Mueller. Her story is a compelling one. Please check out her blog to follow her life story, it will inspire you. I want to direct you here now because she has just begun writing her story and you may want to follow it from the starting point. She is smart and funny and as you read her blog you will understand why I love her so much. By the way, she taught three out of four of my children for the first and second grades. Her talents abound.

The second old friend I want to direct you to is someone I have mentioned somewhat frequently on my blog for the past couple of years, Jaime Harder. Jaime, who I nicknamed my publicist extraordinaire, is also a woman of many talents. She is a knitter, chef and a certified dietitian and kind of a jack of all trades. Her blog is as smart as she is and you will enjoy reading her take on food and life in general. My sweet Jaime is getting married to her fiance David, who is in his first year of law school at Harvard. Their wedding is in a couple of months. She will be the most beautiful bride put on this earth! Can't wait! Please check out Jaime's new blog. I know you will love keeping up with her. She has a big, beautiful life ahead of her and she will do great things and hopefully we'll get to taste a little bite of it on her new blog.

This is one of the cutest photo series I have ever seen. Old friends, indeed. Someone sent me this link and I had to share it with you all.

Last but not least, here are some beautiful handcrafted bags I am eyeing up. Maybe someday...

I have so much to tell you and to share with you so I will be back soon with another post.
Have a beautiful Wednesday, Knitters. It is in the 60's and sunny in the Mad-City today. 
That's pretty good for my old friend, Madison.
best, susie