Monday, July 30, 2012

A Monkey, Clouds and Cake

Hi Knitters,
As the days speed by and blur by in some cases, I still manage to get some personal knitting and spinning done although it seems less lately. I finished up two single socks this past weekend. On the right is my first Monkey Sock by Cookie A, a free pattern from I love it and can't wait to cast on for my second sock. On the right is the handspun Dyeabolical yarn. It is so well suited for socks.

For the Monkey Socks, I knit on US size 1 dpns and the yarn is Kristin Nicholas' (click here for her blog) Garden Effects by Regia in the Holiday #3306 colorway (click here for the yarn).

I used my regular old heel flap and gusset, not the one in the pattern. I did do the twisted rib stitch suggested in the pattern. It is a k1, p1 rib where you do the knit stitch through the back loop. I think I like a regular rib, like a k2, p2, better. You never know unless you try.

Great pattern, fun and easy lace chart, and perfect yarn for the Monkey Socks.

For my Dyeabolical handspun (click here for the site), I worked on US size 1 dpns and I used my free sock pattern, How I make my socks (click here for the pattern).  I love the new handspun sock dearly, can't wait to start the second. This will be my third pair of handspun socks since I started spinning almost a couple of years ago. That's pretty good.

I can't believe the amount of yarn I still have left. I have already knit a shawl and a sock from this hank of handspun. I will still have a ton left when the second sock is done.

I am using my Signature Needle Arts dpns with the stiletto points in US size 1 (click here for the site).

The cake of yarn is sitting on a Yarn Buddy by Sun Valley Fibers (click here for the site). I love having this yarn buddy.

I started a mitten with the Themyscira handspun. It's funny because when I say the weight of the yarn I spin I am totally and completely guessing. I actually have no idea and I don't take any steps to measure and figure out the actual weight. I thought this skein was a bulky weight, measured through my studious eyes. However, when I started knitting I quickly realized it is a worsted weight and I had to rip out the cuff I had started. Then I moved down to a US size 7 needle. I had to rip out the cuff again because the gauge was still too loose.

Now I have found the perfect fit. I am using my Signature dpns, US size 6, to get a nice bouncy fabric that will keep my mitts warm this winter. These are going to be really cute mittens and I am writing up a brand new pattern from scratch for them. I will share the pattern at some point with you when I am done. I am using a measuring tape and using that good ol' calculator and pencil and paper to get it just right. The good thing is that they will be written for a worsted weight yarn and not necessarily for a handspun. You could use any worsted weight wool in your stash for these.

I don't mind at all not knowing the exact weight or gauge of my handspun. It's all part of the fun trying to figure it out. The spinning is a side note to my knitting that I don't have to take seriously at all and I want to keep it that way. It's just free and easy!

This is the next up roving now on my Ladybug wheel. It is lovely. The color is Green River, perfection, and it is 4 oz. of Polwarth from Cloudlover Yarn and Fiber (click here for the site). This site has some irresistible yarn and fiber if you are interested. I have used roving from this shop before and it is wonderful.

The first 2 oz. is done and I think it is really beautiful so far. This one I am doing pretty thin and it will be a 2-ply when I am done.

I finished the Cakewalk Yarns socks in Cherry Blossom (click here for Rose's Etsy Shop). The pattern again is from my free sock pattern (click right here).

I love the speckled yarn and the sweet color so much. Cherry Blossom is a hit all around.

The yarn is a light fingering weight and the socks feel like air. I can't wait to put them to use this fall and winter. Now I will be casting on my next pair of Cakewalk socks..... what to choose, Sudden Valley or Hero Squad?

I'll be back soon with more.
best, susie
p.s. I think I might have to get these clogs. What do you think?