Thursday, May 08, 2008

After My Heart

Hi Knitters,
I know right away when a book cover has a pair of red mary jane's (mine are Dansko) on it that my heart will skip a beat. Remember this one? This book has become my new love, I drag it everywhere I go just in case I can steal a quick minute to read. The cover has a glossy swirl texture over the top that I keep patting gently, kinda like a pet. The best thing about Apples for Jam, A Colorful Cookbook by Tessa Kiros is that it was a surprise that arrived at my door from one of the sweetest people ever. Who gets a gift from their book publicist's mother? That would be me. I know.
Jaime's (my book publicist who I grow to love more everyday) mom, Sue, thought I might enjoy this cookbook and so she just picked up and sent it to me. Not to get too gushy but I don't get many gifts like that, basically never, so when I do get a sweet out-of-the-blue type gift it means the world to me. The book is like no other cookbook I have ever seen. It is a piece of art, a joyous romp about life and eating and living and children and eating some more.
The chapters are organized by color: red, orange, yellow, pink, green, gold, white, brown, monochrome, stripes and multicolor. Is this right up my alley or what? The recipes are straight forward and relatively simple using easy ingredients, many that you might already have in your pantry or fridge. There are recipes for simple soups, lasagna, desserts galore, even a play-dough for the kids. I am definitely going to start cooking from here as soon as I get over the swooning. I am falling in love fast and hard. Tessa has two other cookbooks I may be bringing home soon. Thanks for this beautiful gift, Sue, and thanks Tessa, brilliant. I am enjoying it to no end.
This is another book that is after my heart. I have been knitting a bit on the Strata layered glove set. The yarn is heaven, Blue Sky Alpacas Brushed Suri in whipped cream (love that) and the Alpaca Silk in brick, sapphire and slate. What a pleasure to knit with. I am making all of the versions of these gloves, fingerless, full gloves, and the short-fingered type. Layers are good.
Okay, I have a few more things to share. Remember in the last post I mentioned Frederick, the children's book? Well, that same day I took my daughter to the doctor (turns out she's fine) and lo and behold when we got to the examination room I looked in the magazine rack and there was the book Frederick. I thought that was weird, I hadn't seen that actual book since I was a child. If that was a sign I clearly don't know what it meant...
I almost went back to my last post to throw this link in for you to look at because I forgot it. I couldn't stop thinking about it. It really made me laugh. Okay before you look let me tell you the only reason I even know what a palliate is. Think Project Runway + Santino Rice (season 2) + gold palliates + Iman red carpet challenge. I love stuff like this so much. Okay, now look. Isn't that excellent and I love that she had it on backwards. 1967 rules.
Here is another one for you to look at that is just plain gorgeous. There is nothing more to say on that. I dream of being there in person someday.
This is one more beautiful knit that I have to knit myself sometime soon. I dream of knitting this project.
I read this book to my daughters last night for a bedtime story. I keep begging them to let me read it again and again. They hesitantly agree. Is that wrong? It is my current favorite children's book. We spend a lot of time devoted to picture books and there are just a few that capture me like this. The pictures in here remind me of roving... Hey I just saw it's on bargain price right now on amazon, 50% off. I am telling you it is a wonderful book, flat out funny and creative.
Did I wear you out today, Knitters? I hope not.
best. susie