Monday, July 22, 2013

Home Again

Edited to Add: Due to high demand Susan has now listed the Tiki Bar striping sock yarn as a custom order on her shop. Here is the listing for the Tiki Bar Desert Vista Dyeworks sock yarn: Click right here! 

Hi, Knitters,
I am home from Nashville and the Super Summer Knitogether (SSK). What a fantastic and well-run event. I can't get over what a great job Laura and Leslie (The Knitgirllls) did with the planning and organizing of this huge event. Congratulations to them! I've been gone since last Wednesday and returned yesterday. That's a long time for me to be away from home. I'll post more on the retreat later but today I just wanted to pop in to say hello.  

I taught four classes filled with lovely, chatty, eager and fun knitters, really some of the best groups I've had. I had so many students, especially in the two-handed fair isle classes, trying new techniques and succeeding. I loved how the students kept me posted on their progress after class. I saw so many baby cardigans and fair isle hats (many of them finished!) for the rest of the weekend. Seeing people working on your class projects after the class is always fun and happy. I'll post more on this later, too.

The Knitgirllls curated a fantastic market on Saturday. The teachers got to come in early before the official opening to shop for a short while. I picked up a few select things to take home. One of the small treats I purchased was this self-striping sock yarn from Desert Vista Dyeworks, hand-dyed by Susan who lives in Arizona. Her booth was an explosion of creatively dyed self-striping sock yarns. It was very difficult to choose.

The colorway is called Tiki Bar, which has 6 repeating stripes. I love the fresh mix of bright and subtle colors in this skein. I was looking for the swift and winder on Saturday but it had already been taken down so I hand-wound this ball separating it out by stripes as I wrapped.

I saw on my instagram that Susan is dyeing up more custom orders of Tiki Bar sock yarn for my followers who have made requests. Susan said her email has exploded with custom orders for Tiki Bar since I posted a couple of photos. Make sure you let her know if you'd like a skein, too.

This is how far I got on my sock. I am working on the heel flap now and the cuff is about 7 inches long. I really like this yarn and can recommend it highly to all of you. The stripes go from light blue to light green to raspberry pink to light gray to dark orange to light orange. It's quite beautiful.

Here is Susan's description of the colors (much better than mine): 
Tiki Bar is a Six Stripe Self Striping Sock weight yarn in the pattern: Silver Ice/Bloody Mary/Pineapple Daiquiri/Blue Curacao/Midori Green/Cosmo Pink.

One of the only other things I bought was this bag from Amy Beth of The Fat Squirrel Speaks podcast. It is a linen project bag with an SSK wooden tag attached. I didn't notice until later but the bag and my new sock yarn match. That's a fun coincidence. The new sock is of course being stored in this new bag.

I'll share much more from Nashville later in the week. Today I am wishing you a pleasant and productive start to your week. I really have to buckle down and work, work, work. I have project commitments coming out of my ears along with a brand new book contract that is now complete.... no slowing down in sight and I love that.

Happy knitting to you all.
best, susie