Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mini-Stocking & Candy Cane Ornament Pattern ~ discounted!

Hi, Knitters,
The new ornament pattern is up and available to purchase in my Ravelry pattern shop. Remember that you don't have to be a Ravelry member to purchase patterns through the shop. 

There is currently a discount code (in honor of the Itty-Bitty Knits group) available for $1.00 off good through December 25th, 2013! The code is: IBKLOVE

The stockings are a fun way to use up leftover bits of sock yarn. 

Here is some information you might like to know:
Measurement: From toe to cuff about 4-inches

Yarn: Between 4 and 5 grams of fingering weight or sock yarn
*Four of the samples used 4 grams, and one sample used 5 grams.

Needles: US size 1 set of four double-pointed needles
*The pattern is written for dpns but is easily adaptable for Magic Loop or for knitting in the round on 2 circular needles.

Gauge: 8 stitches per inch in stockinette stitch
*Gauge is not imperative for this project but varying the gauge will change the size and the amount of yarn needed.

Stitch marker
Yarn needle
Ruler or tape measure

k  knit
p  purl
ssk  slip 2 stitches separately as if to knit, then knit the 2 slipped stitches together through the back loops
k2tog  knit two stitches together
p2tog  purl two stitches together
sl1  slip one stitch purl-wise
dpn(s)  double-pointed needles
st(s)  stitch(es)
N(1, 2, or 3)  double-pointed needle 1, 2 or 3
rnd(s)  round(s)
turn  turn the around to work back in the opposite direction

I made a bunch of samples in my leftover sock yarns.

Each one is cuter than the last.

As an added bonus, I threw in the Candy Cane ornament pattern along with the Mini-Stocking pattern.

Here is some information you might like to know about the Candy Cane Ornament:

Yarn: Tiny amounts of red and white worsted weight yarn

Needles: US size 7 double-pointed needles or a circular needle for Magic Loop

Yarn needle
Ruler or tape measure
White pipe cleaner or chenille stem 

So you get two quick and fun ornament patterns for the price of one!

Again, click here to see more information or to purchase the ornament patterns! Remember the discount code: IBKLOVE

best, susie
p.s. The pattern page is up for the 50 Row Shawlette, click here! The pattern is coming soon.