Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Little Bit of This and That

Hi Knitters,
Business first today. I need to mention a few things going on. Here is a list:

2. I am interviewed on the Ready, Set, Knit! podcast today. You can listen anytime on itunes. You can also listen on your computer right here. (At the time I posted this the show was not posted on the site yet but it will be shortly.) The hosts of this podcast are the owners of Webs yarn shop and I shop with them all of the time. They are awesome. Click here for this fantastic online shop.

3. There is a winner for Rachael Herron's book, How to Knit a Heart Back Home. Congratulations to Cynthia and thanks for everyone for entering. Here is the winning comment:

Blogger Cynthiacc said...

I'm so glad she is writing more, I loved the first book.

ravelry cynthiacc
April 27, 2011

4. Come join me in 2 weeks!!!!
I am teaching a toy knitting workshop at Stitcher's Crossing in Madison on May 14th from 1-3pm. There are still spots available so if you are interested in joining me please give them a call to sign up or to find out more at 608-232-1500. There are going to be wonderful presents from Spud & Chloë for the students (you will not be disappointed:) and a few surprise giveaways at the class. I can't wait and I hope to see you there!

Also, on May 14th, after the workshop, I will be having a casual book signing and trunk show from 3-4pm so if you can't make the class but want to see the new book projects (and maybe some old book projects) please stop in to say hello.

I also just popped in at the shop to sign a stack of books for anyone interested in having a signed book. You can call or shop for signed copies of any of my books at Stitcher's anytime.

5. Starting on Monday, May 2nd, I am hosting a knitalong for Spud! If you are interested click here to find out more. It is a very casual knitalong and you can join in anytime so don't worry if you don't have your materials by Monday. I will be posting instructional videos and will be available to answer questions as we work together. We will have loads of fun while creating this chubby sheep together.

That's enough business for now. Phew!

Last night Peachy and I went to get a salad bar dinner at Whole Foods which is one of our favorite treats. I picked up a scone to have with my coffee this morning, orange and chocolate. Yum is all I can say.
Last night TC and I watched a Rugrats movie and I grabbed this old pair of Zauberball socks that I could never seem to quite finish. I finished and it only took two short years. I had 1 1/2 inches on the foot and a toe left to make the pair. I love this pair so much.

I now have three new pairs of handknit socks in my sock drawer. That feels pretty good.

I bought the yarn for these here. Call them up and they will send you a ball.
It was still dark this morning when I took these photos. After finishing the Zauberball socks I remembered this Watermelon Stripes sock I had started at least two years ago. I started working on this during the movie. I can't remember why I ever put this sock down. The yarn is incredibly soft and the colors are wonderful. The yarn is from Sunshine Yarns, one of my favorite indie dyers.
I am going to end today's post with a few more trip photos. I had a lot of people write to ask exactly where we stayed in Captiva Island. We rented a house that was on the beach and had this fantastic pool through Royal Shell. My husband really should have been a travel agent. He scouts out deals for plane tickets, houses, rental cars.... he is completely awesome and fun.
This house was nothing fancy and sat between some gigantic mansions (which we thought was funny). For us it was perfect. We didn't spend much time inside at all, it was comfortable and clean, and there was plenty of room for everyone. We ate several dinners out by the pool and the beach access was the best, about a 30 second walk down a path. Royal Shell is a home rental agency that I would highly recommend as their customer service is top-notch.
The Captiva Island beach is so private, non-commercialized and gorgeous. We couldn't get enough of it.
The shell and creature collecting was spectacular.
This is what the weather was like everyday.
It was thrilling to see green leaves and bushes and flowers. Spring can't come quick enough at home.
My son did a lot of fishing which was fun. He caught fish and would just throw them back out. The sunsets were so beautiful every night. We would run down to the beach and just watch the glory.
Two out in the ocean and two sleepy-heads.
Have a good weekend, Knitters! I'll be knitting away all weekend....
best, susie

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

How to Knit a Heart Back Home Giveaway

Edited to add on May 30th, 2011: The contest is now closed and no further entries are being accepted. Thanks to all who entered.
Hi Knitters,
Last spring break I read Rachael Herron's first knit-lit novel, How to Knit a Love Song. I loved it and asked Rachael if I could host a giveaway. What I didn't know at that time is that Rachael is writing a series of these books centered around the characters living in the beautiful, lush town of Cypress Hollow. When I caught wind that the second book was coming out I immediately contacted Rachael to see if I could host another giveaway for her.

To keep with my new spring break tradition I finished up Rachael's newly released second Cypress Hollow novel, How to Knit a Heart Back Home, and I wasn't disappointed. The story focuses on Lucy, a different lead character than the first novel. You could read these books separately and have a total understanding of the story but the characters do overlap between the books. I like this very much.

Lucy is a knitter and a bookshop owner. She is surrounded by knitters and the history of knitters. She rents out a tiny house that sits behind the bookshop to a man who happens to be an old high school crush. He has returned to Cypress Hollow to take care of his ailing and aging mother who is also a knitter. From here the story flies off the pages!

How to Knit a Heart Back Home has adventure, twists and turns, a little touch of mystery, and I love how knitting is naturally woven into the plot. This is also a romance novel and there are some steamy scenes so please be aware of that. This is a G-rated blog so I want to be sure to point out that this is a true romance novel and it is not rated G. I would give it an R rating.

How to Knit a Heart Back Home is a quick, fun and fast read. The pages flew by for me and I can't wait for the next installment. I am trying to guess which character will be the lead in the follow-up book. I hope there will be another one by next year for my spring break (that's a hint, Rachael!). I loved this book. I love the characters. I love the setting which is a quirky little town filled with quirky characters which makes for juicy stories and backgrounds.

One other point is that there is a really cute cardigan pattern at the end of the book. It is on my list to knit this summer. Lucy wears this sweater, which was her grandmother Ruby's, throughout the book which gives it an endearing quality. It is called, Ruby's Bookstore Sweater as Lucy's grandmother Ruby owned the bookstore before giving it over to Lucy. It looks like a fun and fairly quick knit. Click here to see the cardigan and Rachael wearing a version of the cardigan on Ravelry.

Rachael Herron (her fantastic blog is Yarnagogo) has generously offered to send a signed copy of her new book to the winner of the giveaway I am hosting today. If you would like to receive a copy of How to Knit a Heart Back Home please leave one comment on this post AND leave your email address or ravelry id. I will randomly select a winner in a couple of days.

Good luck if you enter!
best, susie

Monday, April 25, 2011


Hi Knitters,
I am tucked back in my house after a week in Captiva Island, Florida. I am trying to get back into the rhythm of an ordinary day around here but it is never as easy as you think. I am playing catch up. It was a wonderful relaxing week and I am so grateful to have that uninterrupted time with my family.

I did get some knitting done while we were gone. TC did some knitting, too. Above is TC's Be Sweet Bambino Taffy hat. She is crazy about it and will donate it to her charity knitting group. She immediately started her next Be Sweet hat. It is fun to see her planning her travel knitting and throwing her knitting in the beach bag or in the car as we go.
One thing I love about my crew is their ability to lose themselves in books. As we sat on the beach together I looked at my three kids (my oldest couldn't come with us due to his college schedule - that was hard) each quietly absorbed in a book. For whatever reason it gave me a sense of accomplishment. To see your kids quietly content and engrossed in a book is strangely reassuring. Being able to dig in and read a good book is a lifelong pleasure that I am glad they all appreciate. My oldest is and always has been a huge fiction reader as well. He is never without a novel and always has a stack at the ready waiting to be read. I even had a chance to read a couple of books that had been sitting on my Kindle way too long. I loved every minute of it. I am hosting a giveaway for one of the books I finished later this week.
I also finished a pair of socks out of my handspun yarn. This is a first for me and it was quite exciting. I finally was able to spin enough yarn out of 4 ounces of fiber and at a fingering weight. These were a good time to knit.
I love my new socks for all of their rustic glory. They feel incredibly good on my feet.

When I left Madison last week it was freezing cold. I wore a pair of handknit socks in the car on the early morning two hour drive to the airport. I left the socks in the car and when we got back to the car a week later I could not have been happier to put those socks back on in the cold Chicago air. I had forgotten about them so it was a treat.
I also finished up a pair of Best Foot Forward socks in the Blueberry Cobbler colorway. I love this yarn which was designed by Kristin Nicholas. This will be a sturdy pair that will last for a good long time.
Lastly, I got a good start on a Blue Sky Alpacas pattern for a beautiful little cardigan by Cecily Glowik MacDonald aptly called, Cecily's Silk Cardigan. I am using this Blue Sky Alpacas yarn in the Amethyst colorway. I am using US size 4 needles and I took out the lace panel. It is dreamy all around.

I'll keep you posted on my progress but it may be slow. I am back to the real world with a whole bunch of projects with deadlines on my horizon.

It's good to be back. What sort of things are keeping you occupied? I'd love to hear.
best, susie

Friday, April 22, 2011

Beach Knitting

Hi Knitters,
Ahhhhh, beach knitting is good. My first pair of handspun socks are being worked while on vacation. The first sock is already complete and I am on the foot of the second. A new pair of handknit socks is looking promising at this point.
Meet my partner in crime. It's good to start them while they're young.
best, susie

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Getting Stitched with Kristin

Hi Knitters,
I am doing a lot of this right now with my family but I want to ask you a favor. Please jump over to my beloved Kristin Nicholas' Getting Stitched on the Farm blog and enter her giveaway for Spud & Chloë at the Farm. She gives an in-depth and generous review which is such a thrill to see.

I an enormous fan of Kristin's and admire her creative and homespun lifestyle. She is bursting with color and yarn and knitting and embroidery and painting and stories and recipes and farm life.... you get the picture. I simply adore her. Please show her some love!

Okay, I'm running off to jump in the ocean right now. I'll be back soon.
best, susie

Friday, April 15, 2011

Clues and News

(photo from Oiyi's Crafts)
Hi Knitters,
Today I have lots of different things to share with you. First off, I am so excited that Oiyi's Crafts has a review and giveaway for Spud & Chloë at the Farm. I have been a long time fan of Oiyi's Crafts and the link has been on my sidebar for years. Once again, there is a beautiful little one involved in the review that you won't want to miss.

While we are on the topic of the blog tour for the new book, here are some clues about the upcoming dates and a few things that have happened recently that I don't think I mentioned on here yet:

April 12, YARN THING podcast with Marlaina "Marly" Bird now up for a listen at your leisure:

April 13, KNITBOT, by Hannah Fettig



Find out how to win the book here:

April 20, Kristin Nicholas’ GETTING-STITCHED-ON-THE-FARM

April 29, SPLENDID STICKS, a new site by Kara Gott Warner

April 30, READY, SET, KNIT! podcast with Kathy and Steve Elkins



May 14th - toy knitting workshop 1-3pm and a book signing/trunk show 3-4pm at Stitcher's Crossing.

June 1, NEVER NOT KNITTING podcast with Alana Dakos and blog

June 7, PETITE PURLS—Summer Issue!

PLUS! Catch Susan in-person at:

June 11, TNNA (Columbus, OH): Signing her new book in the Unicorn Booth at 1:30pm.

June 17, WGN midday show appearance in Chicago, and nina, a well-knit shop (Chicago, IL): Meet & Greet Book Signing, 5-7pm.

...and just in case you missed these...


April 4, KNITTY—Spring and Summer Issue!


I have a whole bunch of new projects and exciting, different events coming up for the early fall months as well but I will post about those later when it is closer.
Now, it can't be all business all of the time around here. In my spare and quiet moments I really still simply love to knit. It is hard to believe when knitting is also my career but it is true.

I pulled out my Slinky Ribs by Wendy Bernard in Custom Knits the other day. I finished the body which was in need of a couple of inches and a border. I finished the neckline and button bands. Next, I finished the cap sleeve and am now cruising on the rest of sleeve. I am making a ribbed long sleeve version because I think I will get more wear out of it that way. Plus, I have a lot of the Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool in this oatmeal color so I might as well use it up. I have easily had this yarn for 7 or 8 years at this point.
I love the rib detail. I used some gorgeous wooden buttons I bought at the Sow's Ear in Verona. They have great buttons there by the way.
The yarn is so light and airy, a real treat to work with. I enjoy a rustic natural yarn and I consider the Silky Wool to be in that category.
This is someone else's collection of yarn. TC is her name and baby hat knitting is her game. At least for the moment. I had a few balls of this in my stash and then she collected a couple more. It is Be Sweet Bambino Taffy and is set aside for TC's ongoing charity knitting. It looks like candy and it makes TC really excited about her baby knitting.
Click here to order or check out the information and colors.
Here is one third of my 4 oz. roving from Maine Woods Fiber in the Hyacinths colorway (from the swap package). I am going to try to 3 ply for the first time. Can't wait.
I tried Navajo plying for the first time with the Knit Girllls fiber that I talked about before. It was interesting because I felt like it was way overspun but then after I soaked it and put a light weight on it while hanging to dry it seemed to straighten itself out.

It is cool to keep the colors together with the Navajo plying because then you get stripes when you knit. I am knitting a pair of fingerless mitts on US size 2 dpns.
It's about a dk weight and I got 204 yards out of just a little under 4 oz. It's so pretty.

Okay, that's it for today. Hope you are well and that you all have a relaxing weekend.
best, susie

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Baby and a Farm Book

Hi Knitters,
There is not much more that needs to be said. A baby reading a farm animal book may be one of the best things ever on this earth. Hannah Fettig's son is as cute as they come.
The sweet chubby fingers, the squishy hands, those cheeks, the little animal noises,
I mean... LOVE. Look at that intense studying of the piglet.

These are my most favorite photos of the new book thus far. So good.

I am so honored that the always adorable and stunningly talented Hannah Fettig is hosting a stop on the Spud & Chloë at the Farm blog tour. There is a giveaway for the book as well. Thank you, Hannah, for making my day.

Hop on over to leave a comment to enter to win a copy of the book or just to look around at Hannah's wonderfulness in general:
best, susie

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lunch, anyone?

Hi Knitters,
First off, I am on the Yarn Thing Podcast at lunch time today (well, early lunch time) and there is a call-in opportunity for questions if you are around. I will be joining Marly at 11am Central time today, April 12th. If you can't join us today the podcast is posted later to listen to at your convenience.

Another thing I noticed is that when subscribers get my blog post in email form videos often don't show up. If that was the case, I just sent out a video so be sure to click on the link below to see the 30 second book trailer video for Spud & Chloë at the Farm. It is really cute and fun.

Next week the blog tour begins for Spud & Chloë at the Farm. I will post that information to follow along if you are interested. There are lots of giveaways included along the way so stay tuned.

Also, I am just briefly mentioning today that I am teaching an encore class at Stitchers Crossing in Madison on May 14th so you can call and sign up if you are interested. I will give more details later.

Click here for their site. Here is the phone number for Stitcher's Crossing if you want to call to find out more about the class: 608-232-1500. Also, if you would like a signed book (any of my books) you can order a book from Stitcher's and I'll pop in and sign it for you. They will ship it to you. I get requests for signed books and this is a simple way to get one.

Last Friday, I posted a new free pattern on Spud says! for a tiny pig named, Oink. Oink has aHi-Bounce Pinky Ball inside but you could also stuff him with fiberfill. I had an idea to add wings....
... and now Oink has an adorable set of tiny wings to boot. The wings are optional but awfully cute.

Here is the Ravelry pattern page for Oink!
Last week I received a gigantic box of springtime fun from my swap partner from the Itty-Bitty Knits Ravelry group. I have to share it with you. We have so much fun in that group, you should join us over there. My partner was Rae Lynne and she was so thoughtful about putting together this package. She went back in my blog and pulled up things I had forgotten about. It was very sweet. She packed individual things for my kids and TC is planning on some serious sugar cookie making with the new cookie cutters and sprinkles.

Click here to see Rae Lynne's blog!
Rae Lynne knit me An Unoriginal Hat by Stefanie Pearl McPhee in Malabrigo Rasta. Both of which I had mentioned on the blog before saying I longed to knit both of these items.
The hat is so perfect. It fits like a glove and will certainly be my new favorite next fall. I love it. It is so fun to get something someone knitted for you. I appreciate it to no end.
I am completely touched that Rae Lynne sent me some roving I wanted to try. It is from Maine Woods Yarn and Fiber in the Hyacinth color. It is so beautiful and springy. I love it.
This is next up on my wheel!

One more thing, check out this quick documenary video about Loop yarn shop in Philadelphia. It is fun and really makes you want to go to the shop. Click here to see the video.

That's all I've got for you today. Have a super Tuesday, Knitters.
best, susie

Friday, April 08, 2011

Spud & Chloë at the Farm Book Trailer

Hi Knitters,
I am excited to share the brand new book trailer for Spud & Chloë at the Farm! There is even an original Spud & Chloë Farm song. It turned out fresh and sweet. Thank you to my publisher, Artisan Books, for developing the trailer and to Bill Dawson, the creative genius behind the video. To see more of Artisan's book trailers click here.

Please feel free to share and embed the Spud & Chloë trailer on your own blogs, facebook, twitter, ravelry or link wherever you see fit if you are interested, of course.

best, susie

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Spin City

Giveaway announcement:
Thank you all for entering the book giveaway for Little Crochet. I have messaged the winner through Ravelry. Congratulations. The winner of the Little Crochet book is:
Blogger ohdessa said...

This book looks great, I'd love to win it!

April 04, 2011

Hi Knitters,
I have to share my latest spinning adventure with you. I decided to join in the Knit Girllls spinalong/knitalong (SAL/KAL) on their Ravelry group. I don't usually do this kind of thing due to time commitments but I figured why not. If I don't get it done, I don't get it done. It's not the worst thing to happen.

The SAL/KAL is a clever idea. Everyone who signed up and ordered the fiber in a certain time frame received the same fiber from Tempted Yarns. After you spin the fiber into yarn you choose from the following patterns to knit the yarn (I linked all of these so just click to see):

Some of the patterns are free and some are for purchase. The patterns include a wide variety of required yardage and yarn weight. There are a lot of brand-new spinners and spindle spinners joining in which is fun to see. The other thing is for non-spinners, they can choose a pattern and use any yarn to knit along with the group. Lots of people are joining in with this option. I love all-inclusive things like this. Everyone is welcome.

It is a fun idea so I had to jump in! Last weekend I was spinning like mad. I had so much fun and it is a good break from all of the designing, knitting and writing. I need that. I am so proud of the yarn I came up with using the Tempted Knit Girlls fiber. It is the best I have done yet I think.

I spun 440 yards of about a fingering weight out of 4 ounces of fiber. That's my personal best by a long way. I still have another 4 ounces left because I ordered 8 ounces. I am so happy about it that I might go ahead and spin the rest this coming weekend. I am dying to make a pair of socks but that isn't part of the knitalong so I am thinking of making the Boneyard Shawl (it's a free pattern) by Stephen West. The Boneyard Shawl requires 654 yards so after I spin the rest of the fiber I will have plenty to knit this up.
Here is half of the fiber after I pre-drafted and rolled it into these giant fluffy roving balls. TC loves it when I do this. She can't keep her hands off of the fiber.
The colors represent the Knit Girllls favorite colors, blue, purple, white and pink.
The yarn took forever to dry but it finally did. I carried the drying hank around with me all day on Monday just so I could look at it at all times. I draped it over anything I could find. That is funny. It doesn't take much to make me happy.

Spinning is a wonderful addition to my crafty life. I am so glad I started to spin this winter. You should all give it a try if you ever have the urge.
On another topic, I whipped up the cutest little character that I will be posting on Spud says! hopefully later today. It will be a free pattern and uses the Hi-Bounce Pinky Ball which I also used in the Flamingo pattern. You don't have to use the ball, you can just use regular stuffing but the ball gives it a fun twist. The yarn is the same yarn I used in the Flamingo as well. It is Spud & Chloë Sweater in Watermelon and Popsicle. I linked to The Loopy Ewe for the Sweater yarn. Did you know she is carrying the full Spud & Chloë line?

I have lots of pattern writing to get done today. It's not my favorite type of day.

I'll be back soon with lots more!
best, susie

Monday, April 04, 2011

Little Crochet Giveaway!

Edited to add on April 6, 2011: The giveaway contest is now closed. No further entries are being accepted. Thanks to everyone who entered.

Hi Knitters,
I have a wonderful new book to share with you today. But first I have a couple of announcements I have to quickly make:

Tomorrow, April 5th, I am having a Tweet Chat on my Twitter account from 1pm to 2pm Central. You can write in questions or just read along. It will be a question/answer type thing in a chatty sort of way. If you don't follow me on Twitter already click here for the link.

Second on the list, I just received notice that the Woolie Ewe is carrying complete kits to knit up Spud, Chloë, the barn and the fence from the Spud & Chloë at the Farm book and at a great discounted price! The shop is also hosting a knitalong for the book starting Apr. 11th.

Okay, with that business being taken care of, let's get down to some Little Crochet business. Linda Permann is the author of this exciting new baby to toddler crochet book. I have to say that I am genuinely impressed with the crochet projects being offered in Little Crochet. The booties on the cover are completely enticing enough but the book includes everything from blankets, pillows, toys, a bib, leg warmers, boys and girls garments, a sweet mobile, a bunting, a rug, and a few adorable embellishments for add-ons to store-bought or knit or crochet clothes.

I am a big fan! Let me take you through a little bit of the book. I marked my favorite patterns to share and just know that I tend to favor little girls' garments but there are plenty of little boy options as well.
The book starts out with an in-depth informational section about crochet tools, yarn, pattern information, taking baby measurements (I adore that photo above, just look at those thighs!), gauge, skill levels, stitch abbreviations and how to read crochet charts. Little Crochet packs in a huge amount of information, including a very clear technique section at the back of the book. If you haven't crocheted before this book is a great resource for solid information AND excellent patterns. It's a winner.
Linda has a tasteful eye when it comes to her garment design. I can't get over some of her little girl garments. They are incredibly fresh and springy. Kind of just what I needed to see right now. The garments look light, not heavy like some crochet can look. Linda has an innovative touch that I think is crucial to making crochet new and modern and appealing. Linda also steals my heart with her embellishments. She makes everything so sweet.
The dress above is one of my favorites in the book. Isn't that the cutest little dress? The colors are perfection. Congratulations on this one, Linda. I would love to make this dress someday.
I think the little three button lace cardigan can't be beat. It's the perfect little throw on for any little girl in any sort of climate or season. Layering is the best for little kids because someone always seems to be hot or cold at any given moment. The cardigan fills a need for sure.
Linda offers several embellishments that could be applied to ready-made clothes or added onto other knit pieces or crochet pieces. There is also a rocket in addition to the flowers above that is super boyish and cute.
Adorable!!! Linda also has made very thoughtful yarn choices throughout the book. Everything works well and you can see the effort that went into the styling and photography. There are multiple, clear photos of each project including detail photos that are very helpful.
This one is fairytale-like in the best way. What little girl wouldn't love to wear this adorable cape and hood? What an awesome design. Linda shows her cleverness, expertise and genuine know-how on every page of the book. She takes the reader right along through the steps to create each project. I am not an advanced crocheter but I am convinced I really could create these projects with Linda's book by my side.
Of course, I have to share Linda's fantastic giraffe! It's just so good.

Be sure to check out Linda's book trailer for Little Crochet. She made this on her own and I can't imagine the amount of work that went into creating this video. It's super cute and sweet.

I would love to see more people crocheting out there, even if it's simply learning the basics. It's these little projects that lend themselves to crochet and learning how to crochet so perfectly. Linda is on a mission to get people crocheting and seeing how beautiful, fast and functional crochet can be. I agree completely.

I am the first stop on the Little Crochet blog tour. I am honored to help celebrate this beautiful new book! Thank you, Linda.

Here are the rest of the dates of the blog tour if you are interested:

Week 1
April 5 Susan B. Anderson
April 6 Carrie Lundell, This Mama Makes Stuff
April 7 Natalie Zee Drieu, Craft Zine
April 8 Diane Gilleland, CraftyPod
April 9 Joanna Johnson, Phoebe On the Road

Week 2
April 11 Stefanie Japel, + fun with Mary Beth Temple/ Getting Loopy (podcast)
April 12 Shannon Mullet-Bowlsby, Shibaguyz
April 13 Alice Merlino, FutureGirl
April 14 Brett Bara, Manhattan Craft Room, + an interview on the Knit Picks Podcast
April 15 Kristin Nicholas, Getting Stitched on the Farm

Week 3
April 18 Drew Emborsky, aka The Crochet Dude
April 19 Robyn Chachula, Crochet By Faye
April 20 Laurie Wheeler, Crochet Liberation Front
April 21 Guest Post on Whip Up
April 22 Vickie Howell
April 23 Cal Patch, Hodge Podge Farm

Week 4
April 25 Susan Beal, West Coast Crafty
April 26 Kristin Omdahl, Styled By Kristin
April 27 Floresita, Feeling Stitchy
April 28 Allegra Wermuth and Brandy Fortune, Petite Purls
April 29 Marlaina Bird will interview me on her Yarn Thing Podcast
April 30 Faina Goberstein, Faina’s Knitting Mode

Now onto the giveaway. If you would like to win a copy of Little Crochet please leave one comment on this blog post (please do not email me). Please leave your email or Ravelry id so I can easily get in touch if you win. This will be a short giveaway contest so enter quickly! I will pick a winner in a day or two.

Hope you are all well. We are still hoping for some real signs of spring in my neck of the woods. I hope you are getting a good dose of spring in your hometown.
best, susie