Friday, June 22, 2007

They Say It's Your Birthday

Hi Knitters,
When you turn 8 years old it is a big deal. We had a big birthday bash over here last night for my youngest daughter and it was fun. We worked all day on this cake, well, off and on and in between trips to the store to pick up more ingredients.
This picture made me laugh. I look so serious, but those candles would not light.

My daughter spotted this recipe in American Girl magazine a couple of months ago and she knew right away this would be her birthday cake. It uses jell-o (hello jell-o people!) to color the layers of cake. I like the idea of the blue sky with clouds and a rainbow inside.
The only modification I did was to use two cake mixes divided into four layers instead of one cake mix. This is a big crowd over here and the double cake mix makes a more impressive cake. Note the Windex in the back. We actually did some cleaning, too.
All four kids helped with the cake. That cute cake plate was a gift from The Knitting for Noggins group in Little Rock, Arkansas (thanks Robin!). This was a benefit for the Children's Hospital. I'll be heading down there again this fall for another knitting extravaganza, can't wait.
Look in the background, that's my daughter making pigs in a blanket. Now don't laugh but I am going to tell you two dishes I am known for in these circles. One is my famous Scotcheroos, and the other is pigs in blanket. That is so bad I can't believe I am admitting that. People actually request my Scotcheroos when there is a potluck. I've had that recipe memorized for about 15 years. Last fall I started making mini pigs in a blanket with little smokies and crescent rolls for my son's high school swim team potlucks. I've had phone calls from other mothers about how to make the pigs in a blanket. How embarrassing! Both of these items are always gone in a heartbeat at every function. I am telling you it is a high class joint around here. Beware.
Okay, some knitting news is needed here. Take a listen to Guido Stein on It's a Purl Man . On his most recent podcast he interviews one of my all-time favorite knitters and artists, Kristin Nicholas. If you want some major inspiration check out her blog. She lives on a beautiful farm and her photos from her house and land will warm your heart. One of her books, Kids Knitting, was part of the inspiration for my contacting Artisan (my publisher) with my own book idea. I just love Kids Knitting and her illustrations are all over that book. She is honest and matter of fact about the publishing world and has vast experience to draw from. Oh and by the way, the song that opens the It's a Purl Man podcast makes me laugh every time. Guido recorded it with his brother and it is the best music intro on any podcast. So funny!
best, susie